The Duhamel Beat Lasener To Win World Series Poker Main Event

Jonathan Duhamel beat John Racener on Monday night to win $8,944,310 (about $8,944,310) in the World Series of Foker Main Event. Racers won $5,545,955 (about $5,955) in second place. After winning, Duhamel went body surfing in the arms of his supporters. “It was a dream come true for me,” Duhamel said after winning poker’s most prestigious tournament. “I’m the happiest person on Earth right now. It’s amazing.”

Duhamel had 188.95 million chips, while the racer had 30.65 million. And eventually, Duhamel’s chip lead was too much for the racer to overcome. The 23-year-old French-Canadian used a large chip stack to wear a racer and defeat him with 43 hands. In the final moments of the 2010 WSOP Main Event, Duhamel pushed for everything from the pre-flop to secure just over 200 million chips with As-Jh. 파워볼실시간

After a quick thought, Racener called Kd-8d and put it on the table. The board missed both players, making Duchel the first WSOP main event champion from Canada. Duhamel took the lead Saturday, playing big pot poker. A chip leader with 65,975,000 chips at the start of the last table, Duhamel grabbed more than 180 million in one hand, the biggest pot in WSOP history, and earned him what proved to be an insurmountable chip lead.

But Monday’s first Canadian main event champion switched gears and hit a small ball to put the racer out. “I knew I had to do the same thing because I wanted John Racer to grind it,” Duhamel said after the big win. “I knew it wasn’t going to last with two or three hands, it was going to last a lot longer than that.” “I didn’t want to do anything too obvious in my game,” Duhamel added. “I didn’t fold at all. I just limped a little bit to confuse him and balance my game well.” Duhamel’s balanced play, which limped, raised and pushed equally, gave the racer little room to move.

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