The billion-dollar complex will be Canada’s biggest gambling attraction

Canada’s largest casino is scheduled to make its debut on June 8, and its owners are gambling that the billion-dollar complex will attract tourists from around the world.

The Niagara Falls View Casino Resort, a luxury gaming, hotel, entertainment, and shopping complex, will officially open to the public in two days. Officials expect the new facility, along with the existing Niagara Casino, will attract up to 12 million visitors a year.

Casino Niagara, which was supposed to be a temporary facility until the new casino was built, is already visited by 8 million visitors a year, and competes with Casino Lamar near Oriia and the province’s main gaming operation, Casino Windsor.

Larry Lewin, president and CEO of Chicago’s Hyatt Gaming Services, one of the principles of Falls Management, said he will court high-end American gamblers as far away as Texas, Florida, and California. He expects customers in Asia and Europe to find their way to new facilities that will focus on more sophisticated market statistics than casino Niagara.

“The two properties will not compete with each other,” said Lewin. “These two properties will complement each other. Niagara Falls View Casino Resort is a global market, while Casino Niagara will be more of a regional market.” 온라인카지노

The 225,000-square-meter facility is located on nine hectares of land overlooking the Horseshoe and American Falls and is the largest provincial investment in Niagara history.

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