Thailand spurs globalization of Muay Thai as “No. 1 soft power for export”

Thailand is accelerating its globalization efforts by focusing on the traditional martial art of Muay Thai as a “soft power. According to the Bangkok Post on Tuesday, Thai Prime Minister Theta Thaugsin discussed the globalization of Muay Thai with officials from the National Soft Power Strategy Committee and other relevant ministries at the Government House on the 8th.The government has decided to prepare for an increase in demand for Muay Thai by sending coaches abroad and providing them with assistance in applying for visas and work permits. It will also organize various events to promote the sport, such as hosting masterclasses abroad. The committee is also planning to provide residence permits to international Muay Thai students in Thailand and promote Muay Thai as a school subject.

“Traditional martial arts are a priority area of soft power to be exported and have great economic value,” said Mr. Theta, adding, “I look forward to seeing the popularity of Muay Thai spread.” The meeting was also attended by legendary Muay Thai fighter Sombat Banchamek, 41, who competes under the name Buakao .Considered one of the greatest Muay Thai fighters of all time, Buakao is a national hero in Thailand and has starred in movies such as Tumdi: The Legend of the Broken Sword. Thailand has made promoting soft power a priority and is actively supporting the program. In addition to Muay Thai, it plans to focus on industries such as film, food, music, festivals, tourism, and fashion. In September, the National Soft Power Strategy Committee was formed and chaired by Prime Minister Seta himself. The government will also establish the Thailand Content Agency (THACCA), modeled after South Korea’s Content Promotion Agency, as a key agency 스포츠토토존 responsible for strengthening soft power.

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