Images captured from the trailer clip of 'Shh..,' the track included in IU's upcoming album, 'The Winning' / Courtesy of EDAM Entertainment

Singer IU and Chinese actress Tang Wei have collaborated on the new music video for IU’s upcoming single, “Shh..,” with its teaser revealed ahead of the singer’s mini-album release. On Tuesday, IU’s agency, EDAM Entertainment, released a trailer clip of “Shh..,” across its official social media channels. The track is included in the singer’s new mini-album, “The Winning,” slated for release on Feb. 20.The teaser, which has garnered much attention, features the renowned actress, Tang, leaning on a car’s steering wheel as she gazes outwards.

This marks Tang’s first appearance in a Korean music video. The Chinese actress gained prominence in Korea and across the world for her role in Park Chan-wook’s 2022 film “Decision to Leave,” which earned her the Best Actress Award at the Blue Dragon Film Awards that year. Through EDAM Entertainment, Tang expressed the motivation behind her involvement.” The reason for my appearance is simple. I admire IU as an artist. Like everyone else, I appreciate IU’s talent, personality and songs. Although appearing in a music video is a first for me in my entertainment career, I was delighted to collaborate with IU and gain valuable experiences on set,” she said.

Meanwhile, another track on the upcoming mini-album, “Love Wins All,” sparked controversy due to its portrayal of disabled individuals when its music video was released earlier on Jan. 24.The scenes in question portray protagonists IU and BTS’ V as having hearing and visual impairments respectively, sharing a moment of laughter in footage captured by a mysterious camcorder, while appearing as individuals without disabilities. This depiction led some viewers to perceive it as implying that disabilities are meant to be overcome. In response, music video director Um Tae-hwa, responsible for crafting the scene, provided clarification.” The camcorder’s lens symbolizes the filter of love. It serves as a crucial tool that transcends individuals’ internal or 스포츠토토존 external appearances to appreciate the beauty of the world.”

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