‘Son Heung-min’s worst slump in the grand twist double-digit score for 8 consecutive seasons, and EPL legends are also praised

The sports professional score 90 introduced three Premier League players who found their skills in 2023 after being in a slump in 2022 on SNS on the 9th (Korea time). Along with South Korean striker Son Heung-min, Chelsea winger Raheem Sterling and Liverpool ace Trent Alexander Arnold were selected.

Son has been enjoying a rollercoaster-like season for the past three years. In the 2021-2022 season, he scored 23 goals in the league, becoming the first Asian player to top the scoring list in the EPL. He was also the co-leader of Liverpool with Mohamed Salah. Son was even more highly regarded as he only scored on pure field goals without penalty kicks. However, it was not the last season. Son had a hard time due to numerous unfavorable factors such as sports hernia and orbital fractures. He scored 10 goals at the last minute by posting a last-minute spurt, but some said he was disappointed compared to his time as the top scorer. 실시간 바카라사이트

Son, however, is back on track. After overcoming his sluggish performance last season, he is competing for the top scorer this season. Son has 10 goals and four assists in 16 league matches. He is already tying with the score he scored in the last season even though the season is not halfway through. Currently, Son is ranking third in the scoring category in the league. He is trailing Erling Holland, the top scorer, with 14 goals, and Salah, the second highest scorer, with 11 goals.

Son also scored one goal and two assists in a home game against Newcastle on the 11th, leading his team to a 4-1 victory. After helping Destiny Udoji and Hishalisson score goals, he scored the decisive goal with a penalty kick in the 40th minute of the second half. The goal set a double-digit goal record in the EPL for the eighth consecutive season.

Legendary players also praised Son’s outstanding performance. Aaron Lennon, a legendary English legend who played for Tottenham and Everton, wrote in his SNS account that he was a “tremendous player.” Alan Shearer, a legendary soccer analyst, also praised Son, saying he is an excellent professional. “He is setting a perfect example for promising players who dream of becoming an EPL player.” Gary Neville, who played for Manchester United, also praised Son, saying that Son is the only world class player in Tottenham.

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