Son Heung-min’s injury recurrence? Romero ankle injury?Tottenham super-nervous “no serious concerns”

Britain’s Evening Standard reported on the 18th (Korea Standard) that “Son Heung-min and Romero will return to the club and be evaluated for injuries that occurred during the national team match, but neither player has serious concerns.”

First, Son Heung-min was thoroughly managed by Tottenham ahead of the A match in October. Son Heung-min, who failed to play in the match against Tunisia, was the right choice in terms of injury management to rest in the match against Vietnam. But as captain, Son wanted to play in front of domestic fans in Korea and burned his willingness to play.

Jurgen Klinsmann also allowed Son to play, and Son played full time in the 90th minute. Son Heung-min’s willingness to play was so strong, but Tottenham fans had a moment of heartache. This is because there was a scene where Son Heung-min complained of pain for a while at a time when South Korea used up its replacement card. Son Heung-min stood up again and played the game, but the game was already decided, so Tottenham would have wanted Son Heung-min to be excluded earlier.

After the game, Son Heung-min said, “I thought a lot about it, but it was not acceptable for me to come to Korea and not play in front of the fans. “After consulting with the coach, I told him I was playing,” he said, explaining why he played the game. 토토사이트

However, he added, “I hope it’s not too much,” adding that it’s still not 100%, and then “I hit my thigh slightly in the first half, but it didn’t interfere much. I think it will be helpful to go back to my team in terms of physical and performance while playing full time today, he said in a way that he is not too worried.

Tottenham has additional injuries besides Son Heung-min. Romero is the vice-captain of the Argentine national team. Romero reportedly suffered an ankle injury in the game against Peru. In the match against Peru, Romero came out as a substitute after being injured, but reports say the replacement was made as a precaution to prevent the injury from getting worse.

Tottenham won’t want either player out of the game. Tottenham has no way to replace Son Heung-min and Romero 100%. I am worried that no player has the ability to score as much as Son Heung-min, and no backup defender is better at defending than Romero. That’s why Son Heung-min and Romero’s participation is very important.

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