Son Heung-min picks the highest rating + MOMT!

Son spent about 91 minutes on the day. Son scored one goal and two assists, four times creating chances, one time acquiring PK, 60 percent successfully dribbled (three out of five), two interceptions, seven times recovering, and seven times successfully contested balls. Football Mob, a soccer statistics media outlet, gave Son a 9.5 rating. The Sofa Score, a soccer statistics media outlet, also gave Son a 9.5 rating, giving him the highest rating on the day.

The local media also complimented him. The Evening Standard of England said, “He was a deadly wing player and scored two goals in the first half for Tottenham. After overpowering Trippier twice, he sent in a cross, and made it 4-0 with a PK score. Postecoglou’s decision to place him back on the side was justified and outstanding.” Media outlets gave him a nine-point rating, giving him the highest rating along with Pedro Porro. 스포츠토토

England’s Football London also gave nine points. “He had two assists in the first half, with a low cross from the left, helping Udozi’s goal and Hishalisson’s goal. And he was fouled by Dubravka and scored with a PK. He inspired a true captain’s performance and the team.”

Son was also selected by the official Man Of The Match (MOTM) for the match. This is the fourth time this season. Son garnered a whopping 72.7 percent of the vote. With multiple goals, Hishalisson garnered the second-highest percentage of the vote with 9 percent.

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