Son Heung-min-Madison overshadowed ‘Unnamed Hero’, it’s OK not to be noticed! If Tottenham can win the championship

There is light and shadow in any soccer team. There are players who shine brightly in the hot spotlight, while there are players who silently do their job behind the scenes without being noticed. 토토사이트

A strong team is a team where light and shadow coexist well. With only light and shadow, the team will collapse. Shadows’ dedication and sacrifice may make a stronger team.

Spurs Web, which delivers Tottenham’s news, sheds light on the player who is playing a shadow role in Tottenham. The main character is Dejan Kulusevski.

He was loaned to Tottenham Hotspur in 2021 as a member of Juventus, and successfully transferred to Tottenham Hotspur in 2023. He is a style of player who plays hard and demonstrates his fighting spirit. He is an attacking resource but failed to display stellar performance in terms of record. He scored five goals in his first season at Tottenham and two goals in last season. Rumors once circulated that he would be released.

Kulusevski has not changed much this season. Kulusevski has been faithful to his role in silence. What has changed is that he has already scored four goals in this season, and has the fastest scoring speed since he came to Tottenham Hotspur. He also scored one assist.

Tottenham’s flagship striker Son Heung-min and James Maddison, who showed remarkable performance after moving to Tottenham this season. Kulusevski had to be screened by the two stars. Son Heung-min had nine goals and two assists, while Maddison had three goals and five assists, spearheading Tottenham’s early No. 1 ranking in the league. All media attention was focused on Son and Maddison. They were supporting actors in Kulusevski.

Then there was Kulusevski’s game that received the most attention. It was against Manchester City in the last round of 14. Against the strongest team, Kulusevski scored a dramatic equalizer in the 45th minute of the second half. A 3-3 draw. Tottenham came out of their third straight loss and won a precious point.

Though hidden by Son Heung-min and Madison, Kulusevski’s sincerity is no less than that of the star players. He thinks about the team and his heart for the team is bigger than anyone else. He has no intention of coming to the forefront. He is silently doing his job and focusing on helping the team grow stronger. It is what a true hidden hero is like. And Kulusevski is thinking of ‘winning’ Tottenham. I’m sure it can.

“Kulusevski is enjoying a fearless approach at Tottenham. While Son Heung-min and Maddison received cheers from Tottenham this season, Kulusevski was an unknown hero. He worked tirelessly and showed versatility. He showed impressive performance by playing 10 roles in the absence of Maddison,” Spurs Web said.

Kulusevski also introduced Kulusevski’s interview with the Guardian of the United Kingdom. “I don’t doubt anything at Tottenham. I love the spirit of Enze Postecoglou. That’s my way of life. I’m not afraid. I don’t go out to lose games. I go out to win games. I like this kind of plan,” he said, expressing his trust in the coach.

There is also a firm belief in the club. Kulusevski said, “Honestly, Tottenham is one of the best teams in the world. It’s a team that has everything. We have proved that we can fight anyone. We have a team, we have a coach, we have colleagues. But not everything is a perfect team yet. If we grow a little bit more mentally, Tottenham can come out on top.”

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