“Son Heung-min is doing well this season? Because of his greed for the Ballon d’Or.”

British Freelance soccer reporter Paul Brown said, “It is not surprising why Son has been doing well this season after Harry Kane left. When Son met me, he said he wanted to win the Ballon d’Or.”

Son has made 11 goals and four assists this season, completely filling the void left by Harry Kane. Notably, while Hishalisson was out for a long time due to injury, Son took a one-top role and erased Kane’s presence. 온라인카지노사이트

Son, who has been named captain, is raising more voices within his team. Manager Angie Postecoglou also relies heavily on Son’s leadership. Son is also a leader who is wearing the captain’s armband in the Korean national team.

In an interview with Give Me Sport, Paul Brown said, “Son Heung-min may be the most respected player in the Spurs dressing room. He is driven and ambitious. I personally know that because he once said in an interview with me that he would like to win a Ballon d’Or. He has a bright energy that makes people around him happy. It is not surprising that he is playing this role.”

Son’s performance and leadership certainly deserves praise. As a soccer player, it is natural that he aims to win the Ballon d’Or. However, it is up to the reporter to devalue Son’s outstanding performance this season only as his personal desire. Son has always emphasized the team before the individual.

“Son Heung-min is respected by Tottenham not only by his world-class skills,” Spursweb said. “Sonny is always humble and willing to sacrifice for his team. That’s why I am so happy in the Spurs dressing room.”

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