Shortly after Colony bought the hotel, the owners upgraded SuperBook, the nation’s largest sports book, including installing small LCD screens and more comfortable chairs for the players.

More renovations remain near the convention center. Hilton’s steakhouse and plaza bar and Simmer Entertainment Cabaret will be renovated. Simmer, a former nightclub, is now home to comedian David Brenner and other entertainment activities.

“Barry is a huge luxury for us right now across America,” Wagner said. “This off-street building needed something to be used as a destination marketing device.” The community is talking about Barry Manilow in the same vein as Celine Dion

Hilton also hopes that the partnership with Paramount Pictures will allow her to make better use of “Star Trek” attractions, including tours and rides that operate. 바카라

There are years left on the contract with Paramount. Wagner said the property has not decided whether to keep the attraction longer. The attraction is located near the Space Quest Casino, a themed casino floor that is mostly used by vehicles coming from Las Vegas monorail stops.

Most people who come into the accommodation by monorail tend to visit Las Vegas from time to time rather than the general public, Wagner said. That may change when people start to use the service more and expand to airports.

The company is still working on a master plan for Hilton’s 59-acre site.

Wagner said about 50 acres of them were empty or underdeveloped.

“We’re looking at all kinds of ways to get the front door closer to where people are walking around,” he said. “I don’t know if that means we’re building a boutique hotel right next to the convention center and taking something down by the end of the property. We haven’t made any decisions there. We’ve got all kinds of opportunities.”

Hilton owners are shunning away from condominiums, even as plans for more than 100 high-rise apartments sprout across the Las Vegas Valley.

“There’s only so many posh people,” Wagner said. “Some of them off the ground are selling to investors who think they can do these things. Especially now with Katrina, labor and construction costs and commodity prices will put these developers in a position where they can’t compensate for what they sold today. They can’t compensate for the cost of building them three years from now when they have to deliver the goods.”

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