Shock! Lloris entering MLS, salary ‘95% cut + K-League level’…”All the MLS teams are ridiculous!”

After the opening of this season, Lloris was not chosen as the new head coach of Ange Postecoglou. Having served as Tottenham’s starting goalkeeper and captain for more than a decade, Lloris became a “backroom old man” after handing over the captain’s armband to Son Heung-min and the starting goalkeeper’s gloves to new gatekeeper Guglielmo Vicario. Lloris, who wanted to play in the game, finally terminated his contract through an agreement with his club late last year and moved to LA FC, where he is based in Los Angeles. Did he really want time to play.

Tom Bogert, an MLS reporter with The Athletic, made a bold decision to cut his salary in order to find a team that can play. “Players, officials and fans of MLS are all shocked by the salary Lloris is paid,” Tom Bogert, a professional soccer media outlet, said on his podcast on Thursday (Korea Standard Time). “He earns only 350,000 dollars a week.” In terms of his weekly salary, it’s 5,000 dollars. In other words, it’s less than 7 million Korean won (approx. Compared to the main goalkeepers of each club in the K League 1, there is not much difference.

“Lloris will only earn 350,000 dollars a year starting this year. This is a very low salary, which ranks 28th in the MLS goalkeeper’s salary list,” Bogert said. “This is a crazy decision. Several MLS clubs (excluding LA FC) contacted me and complained, ‘What is this, the contract we are signing is not at this low cost!'” Bogert said. “Money was not an important factor for Lloris.”

According to 90 MIN, a British soccer media outlet, Bogert’s claim seems to be true. On the 2nd, the media introduced the salaries of the main goalkeepers who are playing throughout the MLS and said, “The number of main goalkeepers in MLS who earn more or similar salaries than Lloris is 25.” According to the media, the highest-paid goalkeeper was Roman Bürki, the goalkeeper of St. Louis City, who received as much as $1.5 million (about 2 billion won) in 2023 alone. 사설 토토사이트

“It’s similar to Gareth Bale and Giorgio Chiellini, who signed contracts with LA FC in the past,” Bogert said. Bale left Real Madrid, Spain, and joined LA FC in 2022 and signed a much smaller contract than his original salary. According to the British media outlet Mirror, Bale received a low salary of £1.3 million (about 2.1 billion won) per year. Considering that he was paid £28.8 million (about 48 billion won) per year at Real, he was paid a very small amount of money.

Chiellini also continued his career with LA FC with an annual salary of only $1 million (about 1.3 billion won). In 2022, sports media “Give Me Sports” said, “Kiellini’s annual salary is less than that of the top 25 MLS players,” adding, “It is very cheap considering that he was a player who had a reputation for outstanding performance in Italy.”

Lloris played for Tottenham from 2012 to 2023 and received at least 4.16 million pounds (about 6.9 billion won) every year, and 5.2 million pounds (about 8.6 billion won) from 2016. However, it turned out that what Lloris really needed with his contract with LA FC was an opportunity to play. It made us wonder whether Lloris, who led his country France to win the World Cup in 2018 and also played 444 games with his former club Tottenham Hotspur, would end his campaign to pursue various happiness in the U.S.

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