‘Shock 10 Runs’ Il Imana, ‘The Cy Young Award-New King was the favorite’ ERA 1.89 → 2.96 skyrocketing

Shota Imanaga (31) of the Chicago Cubs displayed his worst pitching ever since entering the big league.

Imanaga started in a home game against the New York Mets in the 2024 Major League Baseball (MLB) at Wrigley Field in Chicago, Illinois, on the 22nd (Korea time), and threw 74 pitches in three innings, allowing 11 hits (three home runs), one walk, three strikeouts, and 10 runs before being pulled out early.

After Imanaga’s shocking pitch, the Cubs failed to turn around and suffered a crushing defeat of 1-11. Imanaga suffered its second loss of the season (seven wins).

This is a shocking result, literally. Imana was one of the MLB’s biggest hit products this season. After signing a four-year, 53 million-dollar contract with the Cubs after the end of last season, he lost interest in Yoshinobu Yamamoto (Los Angeles Dodgers), who signed a 12-year, 350 million-dollar contract with the Dodgers, the highest-ever MLB pitcher.

When I opened the lid, I found out that the hero was Imana. Until the game against Milwaukee on June 30, she maintained the 0-point range with ERA of 0.84, displaying overwhelming pitching that had been considered No. 1 in both Rookie and Cy Young Awards. After that, she lost points in two consecutive games, but has regained stability in the recent two games.

As a result, Imanaga started the game after getting a double from Francisco Lindor, the first batter, in the top of the first inning, allowed Brandon Nimmo to walk and J.D. Martinez hit a three-run homer.

He managed to save the first inning, but this was not the end. At the beginning of the second inning, he hit a solo shot over the center fence by Francisco Alvarez, and allowed Nemo another two-run homer even after grabbing two outs.

Imana took the mound in the third inning as well, and Pete Alonso doubled and Starling Marte hit a bunt. He seemed to be recovering from the crisis by garnering two out-counts, but was hit by Jose Iglesias for a timely RBI. 토토사이트 추천

Imana, who pitched in the fourth inning, had three hits in a row and allowed one run, was substituted early in the end. The Cubs put Hayden Wesneski on the mound, but the inning was over after allowing three more runs.

Imana’s loss also increased by two. She allowed seven runs in four ⅓ innings against Milwaukee on June 30, and her ERA soared from 0.84 to 1.86, but rose vertically from 1.89 to 2.96 due to sluggish performance on the day.

Although the season is only halfway through, not only the Cy Young Award but also the Rookie of the Year award cannot be guaranteed.

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