“Shining partnership spirit”…A senior who is worried about his juniors, answers with a smile while being supported by his juniors

On the afternoon of the 17th, the match between Seoul Samsung and Suwon KT was held at Jamsil Indoor Gymnasium in Seoul. KT took the lead in the first quarter. He started with an 11-6 lead with Nno-ko’s dunk and Han Hee-won scoring. Han Hee-won’s three-point shot and Kim Dong-ryang’s shot widened the gap to 20-12. KT took the lead in the first quarter. It was tight until the middle of the quarter. After exchanging goals, KT led 7-6 by one point. Here, Eun No-ko’s dunk and Han Hee-won scored, making it 11-6. 슬롯머신

When Samsung’s Lee Won-seok broke through in the second quarter, he collided with KT’s Jung Sung-woo, who was defending. After the collision, the two players lay on the court and could not get up for a while. A club official prepared a stretcher. Then first, KT Jung Sung-woo got up and looked at Lee Won-seok, who collided with him, with a worried look. Jung Sung-woo held hands and helped Lee Won-seok when Lee Won-seok tried to wake up. When Jung Sung-woo was asked, “Are you okay?” to Lee Won-seok, who entered the bench as a trainer’s support, Lee Won-seok smiled and moved slightly holding Jung Sung-woo’s hand.

It was Jung Sung-woo’s warm heart worrying about his junior’s injury and Lee Won-seok’s action to know such a senior’s heart. Although they were not on the same team, they were considerate of each other as basketball players and juniors. Fortunately, Lee Won-seok was not seriously injured, so he came to the court in the third quarter. In the third quarter, Samsung Derrickson scored 14 points to chase. Lee Jung-hyun made a steal with 5 minutes and 6 seconds left in the third quarter and heated up the atmosphere with a cheerful dunk connected to Derekson. In the fourth quarter, fans cheered when Lee Jung-hyun turned the game around. Derekson scored 27 points and 11 rebounds, including two three-point shots, while Lee Jung-hyun led the team to victory with 14 points and seven rebounds. Samsung won a thrilling 66-62 victory over KT to escape its seventh straight loss against KT.

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