Seattle Developers Build 6 Casinos in Guatemala

Since 1989, all casino permits have been under the authority of the nonprofit Guatemalan Pediatrics Foundation. The Guatemalan Parliament Act, which deals with casino gambling, also qualifies the FPG to receive the percentage of all casino wins it will use to fund education and healthcare for Guatemalan children. FPG reviewed and awarded licenses to affiliates of Seattle-based Alekson Development Group.

Alekson affiliate Fin City Associates is headquartered in Guatemala City, where it will begin work on its first resort. In the next development phase, the project will be built in Puerto Quetzal, on the Pacific coast, and then built on the central plateau of Antigua. After all, four more resort complexes are planned in Lake Attilan, Puerto Barrios, and Panajachel. 온라인경마

According to an Alekson spokesperson, land acquisition for six projects is already underway. Another affiliate of Alekson will be responsible for the architectural and construction management aspects of the casino resort. There is no information yet on the size of the project as it is still in the planning stage and is expected to be completed over the next 10 years.

They plan to focus on the Guatemalan spirit, with natural landscapes, hydroponic and tropical-inspired architecture reflecting the historical influences of colonial, European and Mayan cultures. Features include world-class hotels, luxury spas, retail spaces, branded restaurants, live entertainment venues, international oceans and world championship-level golf courses in some areas.

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