Salary Payment Postponed… The Hidden Secrets of Otani’s $700 Million Contract

Ohtani also posted the LA logo symbolizing the Dodgers on his SNS on the 10th, saying, “I was sorry to baseball fans and officials because I couldn’t make a long decision,” adding, “I decided to go to the Dodgers.”

“Ido Ryu” Ohtani was the hottest player in the Major League this winter. He turned down the qualifying offer of the Los Angeles Angels (a year of 2024) and came to the market as an FA, and has since been strongly connected to the Dodgers, Chicago Cubs and Toronto Blue Jays. In particular, on the 9th, interest in Ohtani was really hot in the offseason, with rumors circulating that Ohtani is likely to go to Toronto.

However, Ohtani’s trip to Toronto was later found to be false. About a day later, Ohtani officially declared that he became a member of the Dodgers.

The news of Ohtani’s contract is stirring not only the U.S. but also the world. In particular, his $700 million contract is the largest in the history of North American professional sports beyond the Major League. And the reason why this contract was possible was because of Dipper (a grace period for annual salary payment). 메이저 토토사이트

CBS Sports, a U.S. media outlet, presented an article analyzing the details of Ohtani’s contract. “Otani’s record-breaking contract is very complicated,” the media said. “Details have not been released yet, but he will not continue to receive $70 million in annual salary for 10 years.”

According to , Ohtani’s contract included an unprecedented amount of defers. CBS Sports said, “This is presumed to be Ohtani’s idea. He wanted the Dodgers to lower their luxury tax and spend money on recruiting better players,” adding, “Most of his salary has been deferred.”

The first luxury tax limit for the Major League in 2024 will be $237 million. However, the Dodgers levied luxury taxes in 2022 and this year for two consecutive years.

If Ohtani passes the luxury tax for three consecutive years, he or she will have to pay 50 percent of the excess tax as a tax. This applies only to those who cross the first cordon. A higher tax rate is levied for every 20 million dollar cutoff, and if the Dodgers exceed the last 297 million dollar cutoff, it will have to pay 110 percent of the excess. This means that the belly button is bigger than the belly button.

However, the Dodgers was able to minimize the burden of luxury tax due to Ohtani’s sacrifice. Ohtani showed how eager he is to win.

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