Russian warship with holes exposed; Moscow has drones.

Images have emerged of a Russian warship and an oil tanker that were recently hit by Ukrainian maritime drones (offensive unmanned boats). In the captured photos and videos, the Russian warship has a large three-meter hole, well over a man’s height, and the tanker has a two-meter-wide hole. Earlier, the Ukrainian Navy attacked the Russian warship Olenegorsky with a naval drone in the Black Sea port of Novorossiysk on March 3, and the next day (April 4) hit the tanker Sig, which was carrying military oil. At the time, Russia claimed to have destroyed the Ukrainian naval drone, but video footage surfaced of it being towed away with its hull tilted. However, the specific damage was first revealed today.

Ukraine’s fightback front is expanding from the Black Sea to Moscow. Last night, a series of large fires broke out in two areas near Moscow, believed to be caused by Ukrainian drone strikes. Odintsovo, west of Moscow, in particular, is reportedly just 6.5 kilometers from Russian President Vladimir Putin’s official residence. The Russian Defense Ministry has claimed to have shot down all of the Ukrainian drones once again, but has been unable to explain the cause of the series of large fires.

Meanwhile, Russian forces reportedly bombarded Kharkiv in northeastern Ukraine with missiles, killing one civilian and injuring dozens, and also struck Zaporizhia in the south, killing three civilians and injuring nine. These are believed to be “retaliatory strikes” against a recent spate of Ukrainian drones.

Meanwhile, while Ukraine’s counterattacks have been concentrated in the east and south, Russian forces have been launching attacks on Kharkiv in the northeast. Russian forces have reportedly advanced around three kilometers, 카지노사이트넷 and evacuation orders have been issued for Ukrainian residents living in Kupiansk.

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