Recruitment of the 1st starting pitcher of the increasingly thin pedi class… Should Sanchez for insurance in Peña, Hanwha go to two next year

A pitcher with an annual salary of 1 million dollars achieved 20 wins, posted 209 strikeouts, and posted an ERA of 2.00. He led the NC Dinos to the postseason. If any team brings in a pedi-class foreign ace who is like a cheat key, direct purchase of a baseball in the fall will become a reality. However, this is unrealistic at this point.

It is difficult to bring in A-list pitchers as the maximum annual salary for foreign players is tied at $1 million in the first year. KBO league clubs explain that the Major League is also struggling with pitcher difficulties, so the resources themselves are insufficient. Even if a pitcher with major league experience seeks to advance overseas, Japan is prioritized over the KBO League.

It cannot compete in annual salary with the Japanese pro baseball league. Softbank Hawks closer Roberto Osuna paid 650 million yen (5.92 billion won) per year for this season. He talked about a four-year, long-term contract worth 5 billion yen (about 45.52 billion won). Trevor Bauer of the Yokohama BayStars signed a 4 million-dollar contract. Japanese media report players’ annual salary but often only announce the guaranteed amount. The actual amount is higher than the announced amount.

The Hanwha Eagles announced the renewal of contract with right-handed pitcher Felice Peña on the 9th. A team official flew to Miami, Florida to complete the renewal of the contract. A total of 1.05 million dollars including 200,000 dollars in incentives.

A photo of new foreign outfielder Jonathan Peraza with Peña stood out. It is said that Peraza, a Venezuelan national, needs a visa to participate in the Australian spring camp in February next year, so he met with a team official. 에볼루션 바카라사이트

Hanwha is continuously looking for a first-line pitcher to play with Peña. “We need more time,” a team official said. It is a difficult task that we have been working on throughout the season.

It would be nice if they could bring in the first-line issuance history, but it doesn’t seem easy. Pitchers who previously persuaded him to go to Korea chose to play in the Major League one after another. Pitchers who can advance to the KBO League can’t be considered to be definitely competitive. He is no more certain than left-hander Ricardo Sanchez (25), who has been tied up as a pending player.

Hanwha plans to replace either Peña or Sanchez. There is a possibility that they will join next season as two players due to tight market conditions. The team will seek to recruit new foreign pitchers by mid-August, but it may take out the “Sanchez Card,” which was delayed for insurance purposes. This is a stark reality.

If the risk is high, there is no reason to take chances. Change for change can lead to failure.

He suffered a lot from foreign pitchers early this season. Burch Smith, who was brought in as the first starter, started the opening game, threw two ⅔ innings and 60 pitches, and was out due to injury. There is a big hole in his already weak performance. Despite his injury history, the team stressed that there was no problem after carefully checking the ball.

It was regrettable, but the performance was better than the 2022 season. Three players, including Sanchez, who joined Smith as a substitute, pitched 306 innings in 57 games. He recorded 18 wins and 19 losses with a 3.78 ERA. Last season, when Nick Kingham and Ryan Carpenter were out due to injury in April, four players pitched 33 games, 167 ⅓, 8 wins and 13 losses and 3.71.

Peña, who started as the second starter, pitched 177 ⅓ without any major injuries. He made 19 quality starts (more than six innings as a starter, three earned runs or less) in 11 wins and 11 losses with an earned run average of 3.60.32 games.

Sanchez, who joined in May, has been an undefeated pitcher for nearly two months. He has won five games and posted a 1.48 ERA in nine games, boosting the starting lineup. It is a time when the team has been excited for eight consecutive wins.

In the second half of the year, opponents read pitching patterns and pitches, and hence fell into a slump. Since July 8, SSG Landers has had no choice but to post two wins and eight losses in 15 games, with an earned run average of 5.24. His final performance this year was 7-8 with an earned run average of 3.79.

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