Pius Heinz Wins World Series Poker Main Event

Germany’s Pius Heinz beat Czech Martin Stasco in a six-hour pre-duel, won the World Series poker main event and $8,715,638. Stasco won $5,433,086 in second place. Ben Lamb of the U.S. took third place and won $4,021,138.

Heinz led 6,865 fields to win the top prize for poker. He is the first player from Germany to win the WSOP main event. Although there were eight lead changes in head-up play, Staszko controlled most of the head-up moves. At several points during the head-up match, he grabbed 75 percent of the chips he was playing on, but he was unable to dislodge Heinz.

“I didn’t make anything, so I just tried to keep playing my game,” Heinz said about playing behind the scenes. Heinz also said he gained confidence from information he received almost on live television (15 minutes late). 토토사이트 추천

“I knew Martin had good hands every time I lost,” said Heinz. “Losing his hands without knowing if he was bluffing can be frustrating. But knowing that he has good hands gave me confidence.”

Chasing Stazco all night, Heinz finally overtook him when he went all-in, paying $81.15 million for a 10c-7c-K board. Stazco thought about it for a second, and then called with a Qc-9c. Heinz flipped Ah-Qh and wished for the best. Three hearts on the turn and six spades on the river did nothing for Stazco, and Heinz doubled to 162.3 million while Stazco slid to $43.6 million.

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