Pete Rose may never be able to enter the Baseball Hall of Fame, but there might be another Hall of Fame that Rose deserves to enter.

The hall is located at the Tropicana Resort & Casino, and since Rose admitted to betting on baseball, Steve Cutler, the hall’s curator, has received several calls to see if Rose is eligible.

The museum is tracking down the evolution of gambling in Nevada since it was legalized in 1931. 15,000 artifacts are on display. And each year, the selection committee selects five people to lie in the hall in six categories, from high-value gamblers to showgirls and entertainers.

Engelbert Humperdinck, Smothers Brothers, and Sammy Davis Jr. are some of the celebrities in the hall. The laid-off gamblers are Fergie Pearson, Dolly Brunson, Texas, and Amarillo Slim Preston.
Pearson owns a bus named “Robin Gambler,” which is nicknamed “Robin Gambler.” The bus’s name declares from the sidelines, “Any land will play any game he can count.” And in small letters, “If you like it.” 온라인경마

Brunson, who has written a book that is considered the Bible of poker, is one of four athletes to win the main event of the World Series more than once. Preston, a pool shark, once beat singer Willie Nelson in a domino event for $300,000.

Is there a chance Rose will join the team? “You have to be a two-time World Series poker gambler,” Cutler says. “And you have to have an incredible reputation in Las Vegas.”

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