Pep’s secret “Tactical training is 10 minutes! Tempting players with my good looks”

Guardiola’s side, which sometimes makes “feeling” jokes, was also revealed immediately after the rival match. Manchester City led the match against Liverpool in the 13th round of the 2023/24 season Premier League at Etihad Stadium in Manchester, England on the 25th (Korea time), with Elling Hallan’s first goal in the 27th minute of the first half, but the team tied 1-1 when Trent Alexander-Arnold scored an equalizer in the 35th minute of the second half.

As the Premier League’s championship match ended in a draw, Manchester City and Liverpool fell behind by one point while sharing a point. Arsenal beat Brentford in the following match. Arsenal finished with 30 points and Manchester City was second with 29 points. Liverpool dropped to third place with 28 points.

On this day, Hallan once again made Premier League history by scoring his 50th Premier League goal faster than anyone else, but he faded as the team drew a goal in the second half.

In fact, Manchester City is currently in the middle of injury. While star midfielder Kevin De Bruyne cannot return within this year due to a hamstring injury, winger Jack Grealish and useful midfielder Matteo Kovacic are also injured. Not long ago, the core midfielder Rodri, who coordinates the midfield, was absent, plunging Manchester City into a rare losing streak in the Premier League.

According to the Daily Mail on Monday, Guardiola laughed when asked by reporters how he made his players master tactics in such a short period of time. “Because I’m really handsome. I’m a handsome guy. And I seduce players. We did it.” 슬롯머신

Of course, that’s not the real secret. Guardiola soon revealed his secret. “We have a television and a camera right now. We have a personal conversation. I had a conversation with Hoobeng Dias and Kyle Walker about what happened against Chelsea, which was tied 4-4.

Guardiola shortened his coaching by one-on-one tweezers. “After the players made mistakes, we had detailed conversations about them. The players understood,” he said.

Guardiola is famous for dominating players with world-class reputation. As he has excellent tactical skills, world-class stars follow Guardiola’s instructions almost to the level of obedience.

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