“Peddy ML returns to find a guarantee contract.” Dinosaurs multi-year contracts don’t work… Monster MVP is 30, dreams are precious

The NC Dinos seems to have offered a multi-year contract to Eric Peddy (30). Movement of the Japanese professional baseball is also being felt. In the Major League, there was also The Athletic report that the Washington Nationals, Pittsburgh Pirates, Baltimore Orioles, and Minnesota Twins targeted Peddy.

After sweeping away five trophies at the KBO League award ceremony, Peddy talked about his family’s future moves. He meant to reflect the direction his family wants as much as possible. What kind of family would like to continue living in a foreign country? After all, Peddy’s remarks on “family” are interpreted as his expression of hope for a return to the Major League.

Salary caps for three foreign players in the KBO League are 4 million U.S. dollars. Even if two new foreign players are selected, the cap is 4.1 million dollars. Even if he secures five trophies, he will not be able to get a big raise. 안전놀이터

MLB Trade Rumors said on the 30th (Korean time) that “Given the demand for starting pitchers in the Major League, Peddy will find a contract guaranteeing his return to the Major League.” Of course, he said, “Peddy’s debut season in the KBO was amazing. His walk rate was 4.9 percent, his swing rate was 29.5 percent, and his ground ball rate was 70 percent.”

His upgrade was notable. “Peddy changed the shape of his breaking ball, he changed his release point, he changed his change-up grip. And he talked to The Washington Post in September about how he tried to add the newly adopted sweeper to the Raffertory. He is a completely different pitcher than he was when he was playing for Washington,” MLB Trade Lummers said.

They also talked about Merrill Kelly (Arizona Diamondbacks), Chris Flexen (FA), and Josh Lindblom (FA). “I saw that they adapted to the Major League after showing strong performances in the KBO,” MLB Trade Rumors said. “Peddy’s performance was superior to Kelly and Flexen, and he is three years younger than Lindblom, but he has yet to see a former big league pitcher who returned from KBO sign a $10 million contract.”

Of course, he thought there was a possibility that Peddy could stay at NC Dinos. This is to get a better contract in the Major League. MLB Trade Rumors said, “Even if Major League Baseball is willing to offer a total of 10 to 12 million U.S. dollars for two years, Peddy may consider signing a one-year contract with NC Dinos and then receiving more money.” He even said he could risk a loss in his salary in 2024 to find a two to four-year contract in the Major League.

MLB Trade Rumors said, “All of this is a risk for Pedi, and we need to reduce the size of the 2024 contract to maximize profits right now or pursue heavier contracts next offseason. The mere fact that he is in this position no matter which path he takes is a testament to the strength of his 2023 performance. It is a clear example of the rise in profits when players play abroad.”

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