Park Chan-ho Selected ‘Shell Helix Player’ in August Batter category…The pitcher category is Cuevas

William Cuevas (KT Wiz) Park Chan-ho (KIA Tigers) was selected for the pitcher category for the “Shell Helix Player” in August 2023 KBO League, which will be awarded with KBO based on WAR (contribution to victory over substitute players).

Cuevas, who is leading KT’s rise, topped the Shell Helix Player Pitcher category with WAR 2.16. He took the mound in five games in August, ranking first in multiple wins (5 wins), fifth in innings (0.50 ERA), first in WHIP (0.69) and second in strikeouts (37). KT, led by must-win card Cuevas, recorded 19 wins and 4 losses in August alone, threatening the lead.

KIA shortstop Park Chan-ho topped the Shell Helix Player batter category with WAR 1.86. In August, he played in 22 games, ranking 4th in most hits (34), 2nd in runs (22), 5th in stolen bases (6), 5th in batting average (0.382), 3rd in on-base percentage (0.466), and 11th in OPS (0.949). Park Chan-ho, who is exploding in the second half, is aiming for his first career Golden Glove, showing the best performance of any shortstop in the league. 스포츠토토

The award ceremony for Shell Helix Player Pitcher Cuevas in August will be held at KT Wiz Park in Suwon, while the award ceremony for hitter Park Chan-ho will be held at Kia Champions Field in Gwangju in September.

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