No outs and second base sacrifice bunt…Director Lee Seung-yeop’s plan → the first point

Neither team scored in the first inning. Doosan’s Jung Soo-bin, Cho Ha-haeng, and Jose Rojas only had three outs. LG’s offense ended when Hong Chang-ki walked on base after one out, but failed to steal a base.

Doosan scored first in the second inning. The strong will to get the first run was seen in the bench operation. When leadoff hitter Yang Seok-hwan hit a double over the center fielder’s height, Kang Seung-ho did not hit normally and made a sacrifice bunt. Kim In-tae got on base with a walk, and the opportunity increased to 1 out and 1st and 3rd bases.

Doosan scored the first point with Park Joon-young’s infield hit to the third baseman’s. Even though third baseman Moon Bo-kyung blocked the ball with his body, he bounced far away and all the runners survived. But there was also a price to throw away an out count. No additional points came out as Jang Seung-hyun struck out swinging and Kim Jae-ho was caught with a shortstop straight hit.

Doosan’s one-run lead continued until the third inning. LG made up for it with leadoff hitter Kim Min-sung’s walk on base in the third inning, but the next batter Lee Jae-won only hit a double play at third base. Following Huh Do-hwan’s walk, Park Hae-min hit a center fielder, ending the third inning.

LG turned the game around in the bottom of the fourth inning. Kim Hyun-soo and Austin hit consecutive batters against Kim Dong-joo, who was pitching well until the third inning, and Oh Ji-hwan’s walk on base made the bases loaded with one out. When Moon Bo-kyung hit a grounder to the first baseman and loaded the bases with two outs, he threw a game-winner on the LG bench. Instead of Kim Min-sung, Moon Sung-joo, a pinch hitter, was sent out. This decision hit the bull’s eye.

Moon Sung-joo actively pitched the bat from the first pitch and sent the ball to the outfield on the fourth pitch. At this time, center fielder Jung Soo-bin failed to judge the ball. Jung Soo-bin ran forward for a few steps and suddenly turned back. As the ball touched and fell on the glove, he was able to score from Austin and Oh Ji-hwan to Moon Bo-kyung. 슬롯머신

LG continued to pressure Doosan even after the 3-1 reversal. Lee Jae-won’s walk and Huh Do-hwan’s body hit against the changed pitcher Park Chi-guk, giving him another chance to load the bases with two outs. Park Hae-min brought in two runners with a timely hit to the left, widening the score to 5-1. Doosan replaced pitchers twice in the fourth inning alone, and the fourth inning ended when Lee Byung-hun caught Hong Chang-ki with a shortstop straight hit.

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