“No. 3 post in 2 games…”I’m sad because I don’t have any luck”

Coach Byun Sung-hwan, who leads the Korean under-17 national soccer team, expressed regret, saying, “The goal luck is not followed.” 스포츠토토

The U-17 national team, led by head coach Byun, lost 0-1 to France in the second Group E match of the 2023 FIFA U-17 Indonesia World Cup at Jakarta International Stadium in Jakarta, Indonesia, on the 15th.

He hit the post twice in the first match against the U.S. (1-3 loss) and once in the second match against France. If the shots blocked by the goal went into the goal, both games could be drawn.

Coach Byun expressed his regret in an interview with the Korea Football Association after the match against France. “I’m a little upset that I don’t think I have too much luck in goal this World Cup,” he said. “I hit the net three times in two games, but I hope my team will have some luck in the next game.”

Manager Byun pointed out that his lack of experience was the cause of defeat. “I think there is a difference from the big stage experience,” he said. “Our team has less experience in games in this age group than European teams, and I think that difference in experience has made the players more rigid in concentration and various areas.”

There is also a side where Choi Jung failed to come forward due to injury. “In fact, among the players who played as replacements today, there are players who we previously thought of as starting resources, but cannot play full time because their physical conditions are not perfect,” he said. “In addition, it is regrettable that the soccer we have prepared does not show the best performance, with some players excluded from the list of this tournament due to injuries.

Coach Byun is poised to play a match against Burkina Faso, the final group match. A big win in this game could dramatically advance to the round of 16. “After the game, the French coach told me that our team was a really good team, and he said that he would be able to advance to the tournament because he had a chance in the rest of the game. I think the same,” he said. “Now there is really no back. “I will play a game in Burkina Faso with responsibility as a coach,” he said.

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