“No. 2 Vicario → No. 4 Madison → No. 8 Pan the Penn” PL Best Recruiter, who is the first in honor?

Under the title of “Best Recruitment in the Premier League (PL) So far in the 2023-24 season,” 90 MIN of the U.K. released its rankings on Tuesday by selecting the players who showed the most stellar performance among new entrants last summer. Ten people who successfully made a soft landing were highlighted.

No. 1 player is Rice (West Ham → Arsenal). “It may feel strange to classify a player worth 100 million pounds (about 167.4 billion won) as a successful recruit because of the hefty price tag. However, it is clear that he needed that amount of investment to bring Rice back. She did not take long to adjust to her new club and scored some important goals,” the media said in glowing terms. 토토사이트 순위

Many of Son’s teammates have been included in the latest rankings. They are Guglielmo Vicario (MPOLI→Tottenham), James Madison (Leicester→Tottenham), and Mickey van der Pen (Wolfsburg→Tottenham), who ranked eighth. Vicario has completely filled the void of Hugo Lloris, who has long been an active guardian deity. Maddison instilled in his creativity, which he lacked since Christian Eriksen. Van de Pen added weight to his defense by working with Christian Romero. Among them, Madison and Van de Pen could have ranked higher than now if they were not out of injury.

What about the BIG 6 clubs? Jeremy Doku (Ren → Manchester City), Cole Farmer (Manchester City → Chelsea), and Dominic Sobosleri (Leibich → Liverpool) ranked seventh. The best top 10 PL players have been completed so far in the 2023-24 season, with Mohamed Kudus (James → West Ham), Pau Torres (Villa Real → Villa), and Thomas Kaminsky (Blackburn → Luton) ranking 10th.

This weekend, the PL took a short break due to its schedule in the third round (round of 64 strongest teams) of the English FA Cup. There is also a schedule for the semifinal of the English Football League (EFL Cup) during weekdays. The 21st round of the PL will start from July 13. There are big matches such as Newcastle United vs. Man City, Manchester United vs. Tottenham.

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