“Never mind here, bet your life on the Asian Games.”

SSG’s main center fielder Jihoon Choi (26) has 122 hits in 452 at-bats in 113 games this season, batting average of 0.270 two home runs, 30 RBIs, 65 runs and 20 steals, with an OPS of 0.679. However, the result was corrected to a batting average of 0.385 in the last 10 games. To that extent, Jihoon Choi’s batting has stagnated this season. It was not last year’s pace when he hit .304 with 10 home runs and 61 RBIs.

Meanwhile, the Hangzhou Asian Games were approaching day by day. Jihoon Choi’s mind would not have been comfortable one way or another. The stress of unremitting hitting, sorry for leaving the team for a while, and responsibility for winning the Asian Games gold medal.

In the meantime, director Kim Won-hyung gave encouragement. “Never mind here, go to the national team and get the best results. Focus on that,” he said. Ahead of the Gwangju SSG match on the 10th, I heard this from head coach Kim Won-hyung, saying, “It’s my first time at Gukdae, and even if it’s grand, I have to risk my life. The center field position is for Jihoon.”

With the addition of Yoon Dong-hee (Lotte), there were only four outfielders for the national team. With Lee Jung-hoo’s departure, Jihoon Choi’s full-time center fielder was just booked. This was both a crisis and an opportunity for Choi Ji-hoon. He had 10 hits in 19 at-bats (one homer) and five RBIs as he was fixed as the second center fielder. In the match against Thailand, he even hit a three-run shot. He flew properly on the first stage of the senior national team.

Of course, it is true that he has met many pitchers who are lower than KBO leagues such as Thailand, Hong Kong, and China. However, it should also be acknowledged that the performance was achieved under the pressure of being a member of the national team. As head coach Kim said, Jihoon Choi risked his life at the Asian Games and even received military service benefits with the gold medal.

Coach Kim said, “I said so in the sense that you should feel comfortable because paying attention to this doesn’t make the hit better anyway. If you feel comfortable, won’t you bounce back. Now that I’m back, I’ll say a lot of bitter things. I will do as I did in the national team,” he said. 에볼루션 바카라사이트

Jihoon Choi continued its Asian Games energy with two hits in the game on the 10th. Before the game, he said, “I felt proud because I felt like I was wearing a facelift. There was a burden before I went. I’m still young, but I thought I should lead the national team well because I’m on the national team. There’s nothing I’ve actually talked about and led. I’m relieved to have won the championship,” he said.

It is also a harvest to experience the role of an old player while living in the national team. Jihoon Choi said, “I learned from seeing players playing that role. I think the national team will see the members of the Asian Games team often in the future. I didn’t really talk much. I thought we should show it in action at the ballpark,” he said.

He also responded that right-hander Liu Zhiroong, who appeared at the end of the final, was more powerful than Taiwan’s left-hander Lin Yu-min, who faced him twice. At that time, Liu Zhiroong tied up the Korean lineup with four innings, one hit, six strikeouts, and one walk. I’m glad I won 2-0, but it would have been a big deal if I didn’t get two points from Lin Yu-min.

Jihoon Choi said, “Rin Yu-min was worth dealing with. However, the right-handed pitcher also had a ball power that could be counted in his hand when thrown in Korea. I dare say it, but I felt that Taiwan was no longer a country that could win. I think Korean baseball should develop a lot,” he said.

Of course, he himself confirmed his desire for progress. Jihoon Choi said, “I’m not even a top player yet, and I have to keep improving. “If you are a baseball player, you should constantly improve, not match those players,” he said.

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