Nevada regulator recommends Hooters casino permit

The new Hooters Casino Hotel, scheduled to open in Las Vegas in early February, was approved by Nevada regulators on Thursday after company executives predicted it would succeed with a “joyfully rustic but unrefined” marketing strategy.

The state gaming control board recommended licensing for the resort as part of the Hooters chain’s aggressive diversification after asking questions about its financial outlook, executive background, staffing plans and other details.

There was also a brief discussion about the “Hooters Girls,” who wore their trademark tank top and loose shorts to serve food, run a cocktail, and even handle blackjacks in a cheap “fun pit” at the bottom of the casino.
The board’s recommendations for the resort’s licensing will go to the former Sanremo Hotel, which is currently undergoing $130 million in renovations and financial restructuring, to the parent company’s gaming board, which will have final say at a meeting here on Oct. 20.

Control Board Chairman Dennis Nilander said the resort’s financial outlook appeared optimistic, but Michael Hesling, the project’s chief operating officer and general manager, said he saw it as “pretty conservative.” 온라인카지노사이트

“It’s going to be a property that people want to check out,” Hesling said, adding that the resort will benefit from key locations near MGM Grand, New York-New York, Luxor, Excalibur and other Las Vegas Streep large resorts.

Neil Kiefer, CEO of Hooters Casino Hotel, said additional funding could be provided if needed, adding: “Certainly we need to do that.”

Director Bobby Siller raised the issue of Hooters girls being women with “certain physical characteristics” and asked how they could fairly distribute tips with other employees who may have lower personal tip incomes.

Hesling replied that not all the details of the tip distribution were resolved. Although Hooters’ names seem to match with two things, the website says that there are no physical or other standards for Hooters girls other than their outgoing and friendly personality and “all American cheerleader-surfer-next-door girl image.”

The resort will have 690 rooms, 670 slots, 32 table games, three poker games, sports books, and several restaurants and bars. About 500 people are currently working there and will have the opportunity to stay at the new resort. In addition, about 500 employees will be added before the scheduled Feb. 3 opening, Hesling said.
Based in Atlanta, U.S., Hooters acquired the resort last year. In addition to Hooters Air, which serves more than a dozen cities, including Las Vegas, there are more than 375 Hooters in 46 states and 14 foreign countries.

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