“Nervous First Meeting” Puig “Clean up your clothes.” Clean up

Yasiel Puig joined the Kiwoom Heroes 2022 Spring Camp held at Geogeum Baseball Stadium in Goheung, Jeollanam-do on the afternoon of the 10th. Puig, who was tested negative for COVID-19 at noon on the 10th after a week of self-quarantine in Goheung, arrived at Goheung Geogeum Baseball Stadium earlier than Kiwoom players. 토토사이트 추천

Puig, who arrived at the camp wearing Kiwoom’s first uniform, got out of the vehicle and adjusted his clothes as he watched himself reflected in the vehicle. Since it was his first meeting with the team and coaching staff, he seemed to be worried about something different from other times.

When asked about Ryu Hyun-jin, Puig said in a brief interview before training, “I have no plans to meet Ryu Hyun-jin yet. Ryu Hyun-jin also has to prepare for the season. However, we kept in touch when we played in Toronto last year and exchanged greetings when we came to Korea. Ryu Hyun-jin also asked me how life is in Korea. “I can meet you when I have time in Seoul,” he said.

Puig then said, “When we played together during the Dodgers, we didn’t talk much about Korean baseball. “We talked a lot about food, such as Korean barbecue and Korean food with red soup,” he said. Ryu Hyun-jin and Puig made their major league debut together with the LA Dodgers in 2013 and worked together until 2019.

Puig signed a contract with Kiwoom for a total of $1 million, and arrived in Korea on the 3rd morning of the 3rd and joined Goheung Camp in Jeollanam-do, where Kiwoom Spring Camp was set up.

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