Munich, where you pay to take Dyer…Fans are shocked and scared. “If the winning team brings him, he’ll be executed.”

“Eric Dyer’s transfer to Munich has been verbally agreed,” Florian Flettenberg, a reporter familiar with Munich’s transfer market, said on SNS on the 5th (Korea time). “The contract period is at least until 2025, and the transfer fee is less than 5 million euros (about 7.2 billion won).”

“Munich coach Thomas Tuchel and Dier held direct talks. Munich is planning to recruit Dier as the center back and defensive midfielder. The green light for the transfer has been turned on. Tottenham is also ready. We only have Munich’s final decision to make.”

Dyer, 29, joined Tottenham in 2014 and recorded 13 goals and 12 assists in 364 matches. However, he suffered from a flurry of criticisms. His defense was poor. As Tottenham is known as an “automatic door,” fans are curious where he will go.

Tottenham was pushed back by Wolverhampton’s attack but managed to hold on somehow. However, it collapsed at the end of the second half when they conceded back-to-back goals. Pablo Sarabia equalized in the 45th minute, and Mario Lemina scored in the 7th minute of stoppage time when he knelt down.

The absence of players who were absent due to injury and disciplinary action was too painful. In the midfielder without James Maddison, there was no player to spray sharp passes, and the four-back, where three of the four main players changed, was not solid. Mickey van der Ben was unable to play due to hamstring injuries and Christian Romero and Destiny Udodge were unable to play due to disciplinary action.

Tottenham ended up collapsing due to lack of hindsight, and Postecoglou also expressed discontent. “I am disappointed. I am ashamed that I allowed a goal at the last minute,” he said after the match. “I lost my pace at the end, so I kept giving Wolverhampton chances.”

Dyer appeared as a substitute in the previous match against Chelsea and showed some quality, but he immediately provided a lost point by selecting a disappointing location. Such Dyer has been linked to Munich. In fact, in the transfer market last summer, Dyer made counter offers to Munich and Dortmund.

“Munich is able to recruit Dyer at a relatively low transfer fee. This is one of the reasons why he put him on the list,” the media said. Currently, recruiting a center back for Munich is essential, not an option. As for the center defender, Kim Min-jae, Dayo Upamecano, and Matias de Licht are three players who are currently holding out the season. If even one of them is injured, the rest of the center backs will bear the burden.

Prior to this, “Football 365” also said last month that Dyer is set to leave Tottenham Hotspur in the winter transfer window in January, which will force Postecoglou to seek a new centre-back. This season, Dyer failed to play until the 10th round of the Premier League due to competition between Van der Ben and Romero. Postecoglou was forced to deploy Dyer due to Van der Ben’s hamstring injury.

“The unpopular Tottenham star Dyer could reunite with his former teammate and Tottenham legend Harry Kane,” Flettenberg reported on the day, adding, “Dyer seems to have made up his mind to join Munich, which Kane supports. If Tottenham recruit a new defender, the transfer will also happen.” 경마사이트

Meanwhile, Munich had 38 points (12 wins, two draws, and one loss) from 15 matches in the first half of the league, recording 49 points and 15 lost goals. It is competing with Bayer 04 Leverkusen, which has 42 points, for the title with a four-point gap. Against this backdrop, the team chose Dyer as the first step toward a squad dab.

In particular, defensive midfielder and center back are being pointed out as problematic. Critics point out that although this position should be filled, they are replacing it with a relatively inexpensive Dyer because they spent so much money in the summer transfer market. Naturally, Munich fans say they cannot understand what the club is doing.

Not only was Dyer pushed to the bench at Tottenham, but he rarely showed good performance even when he came out. One fan shook his head, saying, “Dyer is never the right player for a club like Munich.” Another fan was angry, saying, “It is the reason for Dyer’s dismissal in a team that seriously aims to win the European stage.”

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