Multi-medalists are also pouring in.

As of the 28th, Hwang Sun-woo had two gold medals, one silver medal, two bronze medals, Kim Woo-min had one gold medal, one bronze medal, and Lee Ho-joon had one gold medal and one bronze medal. Lee Ju-ho and Choi Dong-yeol also won multiple medals with one silver and one bronze. In women’s swimming, the youngest Lee Eun-ji won three bronze medals and the oldest Kim Seo-young won two bronze medals. Everyone is happy swimming pool. 토토사이트

When asked about the power of swimming in Korea, which commanded Hangzhou in China, and the secret of swimming Renaissance, the swimmers consistently mentioned the miracle launched by Hwang Sun-woo. Hwang Sun-woo, who was an unfinished atmosphere full of potential at the 2019 Gwangju World Swimming Championships, grew stormily before and after the Tokyo Olympics. In the 200m freestyle, he set a new world junior record in succession, and then grew storm by running a strong race to break the Korean record in each race. In the preliminary round of the 100m freestyle at the Tokyo Olympics, he set a new Asian record and confirmed his world class skills, and won the silver medal in the 200m freestyle at the 2022 Budapest World Championships. At the 2023 Fukuoka World Championships, he won a bronze medal in Lee Jong-mok and reached the podium for the second consecutive time, proving his position as a “Walkle.” Hwang Sun-woo’s feat was a strong motivation for juniors and colleagues who trained in the same pool every day and raced right next to each competition.

“The golden generation is in the mood,” said Yeom Dong-hyun, head coach of the swimming team of Daegu Metropolitan City Hall, which belongs to Ji Yoo-chan, who won a surprise gold medal, and Lee Ho-joon, who led the first gold medal in the men’s relay. We feel for ourselves that we can do it, too,” he said. (Lee) Ho-joon has been in our team for four years. There was also a slump when he lost to his juniors Hwang Sun-woo and Kim Woo-min, but his skills continue to rise as he overcame the ordeal well. There is room for further shortening the record,” he said. “As Hwang Sun-woo, Kim Woo-min and Lee Ho-joon grow together, other players are also forming an atmosphere that ‘we can do it, too’. In the past, I only viewed Park Tae-hwan as an “ideology,” but through “friend” Hwang Sun-woo, I came to think that medals on the world stage and the Asian stage might be “our reality,” he said.

Ji Yoo-chan, who has competed with Hwang Sun-woo in the freestyle sprint since high school, said, “The management team members and (Hwang) Sun-woo work hard together, so I also try harder.” Ahead of the 200m freestyle final, Lee Ho-joon said, “I will play the final with (Hwang) Sun-woo in the next lane. I think I’ll feel like I’m having a domestic competition. Of course, I’ve imagined winning a medal with Sunwoo,” he said. His imagination became a reality.

It’s a team that’s good together, not alone. The one who’s good next to the one who’s good. As seen in the men’s 800m gold medal, the men’s 400m silver medal in the men’s medley relay, and the 400m bronze medal in the mixed medley relay, it has become a stronger team when together and a beautiful team that exerts synergy when united. Hwang Sun-woo also rejoiced more than anyone else in Lee Ho-joon’s bronze medal right after the 200-meter freestyle gold medal. Above all, I’m so happy that (Lee) Ho-joon will win the bronze medal together. I feel good because I think the swimming team came up together a lot,” he said with a smile.

Jeon Dong-hyun, coach of the national management team, who has coached Hwang Sun-woo since he was at Seoul Physical Education High School, said, “Not only (Hwang) Sun-woo, but also Lee Ho-joon and Kim Woo-min’s skills have risen together. At first, (Hwang) Sun-woo ran an overwhelming race, but Ho-joon and Woo-min’s records improved, making it a situation where we should not let our guard down. “It’s good for Sunwoo and for Korean swimming that domestic competition is getting fierce,” he affirmed. I always encourage Ho-joon to shorten the record and win a medal. We have to grow together. I am pleased to see the players developing together, he said.

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