Most Popular Betting Licenses And How To Get It

Each jurisdiction has an individual requirement for the applicant. Here’s a list of top betting licenses and how to get it. 온라인카지노사이트

Curacao Game Control Board
Curacao is one of the most common betting licenses worldwide, with 70% of all online casinos operating under Curacao licenses. The issuance of betting licenses is an important revenue strategy for the island nation. And Curacao betting licenses are trusted in most parts of the world. These are the benefits of operating under Curacao betting licenses.

The Curacao game license makes it easy to open a merchant account.
You only need to submit the required documents such as the company’s founder’s details, financial statements, and earnings.
Most software providers are willing to work with Curacao license holders.
Licenses charge a 2% service charge, far less than most other jurisdictions.
Curacao is the only one that provides a single license for all gambling activities, including sports betting, poker rooms, casino games, and lotteries.

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