More value than the record that SK coach Jeon Hee-chul, who trusted Oh Se-geun, said

Oh Se-geun in SK uniform is coming back to life. It is SK manager Jeon Hee-chul, who spoke of more value than record despite Oh Se-geun’s poor performance.

Oh Se-geun became a free agent (FA) at the end of last season and moved to SK. Oh Se-geun’s joining SK, who is still showing off his competitiveness as a big man at a considerable age, was a big issue. SK was considered the favorite to win the title.

At the beginning of the season, Oh has averaged only 7.7 points (5.8 rebounds) in 11 games. It’s not what I expected. It is also due to the fact that he failed to carry out training normally because he was focused on recovering his physical condition such as Achilles tendon in the offseason.

Manager Jeon said, “Se-geun (Oh) doesn’t seem to be good at the beginning because his body balance is not good. “I tended to shoot only with my upper body because I didn’t play basketball that uses my lower body a lot,” he said. “But I have a good sense of hand.” The sense of shooting will definitely come back,” he said. 토토사이트

Jeon, who also made various efforts to revive Oh Se-geun, said, “I make him do post-ups, pop up his favorite pop-up and throw shots.” He said, “I’m also making him throw a three-point shot in a pattern,” adding, “I’m doing a lot of this and that with Se-geun.”

Oh Se-geun, who had been sluggish, scored a double-double with 20 points and 11 rebounds against KT on the 18th, signaling a revival. In the home game against Samsung on the 20th, he also showed his presence by scoring 15 points and eight rebounds.

Coach Jeon said, “Even when he was sluggish, Se-geun only needed about two more per game. “Then the average score comes out,” he said. “It’s better to set the frame because you have a better defensive sense than scoring.” Fans say (it’s poor) because there’s no visible score, but they look the other way. He explained, “I have a sense of stability by positioning him as a big man from the back, setting the timing of help, pulling down small players, and talking to him.”

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