‘Minjae, I will stay’… unexpectedly choose to accompany Napoli → Buyout 184 billion + pay increase sharply

“Napoli and Osimhen have reached a 100% agreement on a new contract. It has already been confirmed and an announcement will be made before Christmas. It is very imminent,” said Fabrizio Romano, an expert on the transfer market on the 23rd (Korea Standard Time). “Osimen will sign a contract with Napoli by 2026. Salary will increase tremendously and there is even a buyout clause. Osimen is expected to remain in January.” 카지노사이트

Asked about Osimhen, Napoli chairman Aurelio De Aurentis said, “We could re-sign. We could hear some amazing news under the Christmas tree. Merry Christmas, everyone.” In fact, it is interpreted that the team announced the completion of the contract for Osimhen.

Osimhen rose to become the world’s best striker by shaking Italy’s Serie A and Europe in the 2022-23 season. Napoli has done a brilliant job of winning the Serie A trophy for the first time in 33 years. From Lille, Osimhen had excellent scoring ability but failed to display his skills due to injury. Last season was different. He scored 26 goals and became the top scorer. He was the vanguard of Napoli’s attack and worked well with Hvicha Kvaratshelia.

Besides Serie A, he also played in the UEFA Champions League, leading Napoli to its first quarterfinal match. He has displayed consistent scoring skills in the Nigerian national team, as well as in clubs and national teams. Osimhen, who was racing toward the pinnacle, was recognized for his performance as he received the African Player of the Year award. He was the first Nigerian player to win the title in 24 years since the 1999 Nwanko canoeing.

Several teams in need of a striker paid attention to Osimhen. Osimhen remained in Naples while de laurentis demanded an astronomical amount of money. The performance was still great, but there were rumors of a disagreement with the club. As a result, many predicted that Osimhen would go up for sale in the winter transfer market and push for a transfer. Chelsea and other teams have paid attention to the Osimhen situation.

Contrary to expectations, Osimen is expected to remain in Naples for now. The buyout amount specified in the re-contract is known to be 130 million euros (about 184 billion won). The weekly wage has also risen to a higher amount than now. Now, it seems possible for teams trying to recruit Osimen to offer a larger amount than initially thought.

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