Middle blocker in his 3rd year, overtaking seniors to become No. 1 blocking player

Volleyball, which competes with a high net, is one of the sports most affected by height. In particular, height is a very important position for middle blockers who are responsible for fast attack and blocking in the center of the net. The reason why Mongolian Yue Le Hung Pepper Savings Bank AI Peppers, the No. 1 player in the 2022-2023 season’s rookie draft, is receiving a lot of attention from volleyball fans despite his short skills is that Yue Le Hung is a promising player with the biggest height in the V League history at 196 centimeters.

In fact, most middle blockers, who are currently playing as main players in seven V-League clubs, have a large height of more than 180cm. Some players, such as Yang Hyo-jin Hyundai Engineering & Construction Hillstate and Jung Ho-young Red Sparks, Chung Kwan-jang, are 190 centimeters tall. Although Heungkuk Life Pink Spiders’ Asian quarter Raina Tokoku is performing well in the center with a height of 177 centimeters, Raina is a player who plays as a “temporary” middle blocker due to injuries to key players such as Lee Ju-ah and Kim Chae-yeon.

However, the player who is ranked No. 1 in blocking this season, beating Yang Hyo-jin 0.86 per set and Jung Ho-young 0.77 per set, who is 190 centimeters tall in the women’s V League, is less than 180 centimeters tall, let alone 190 centimeters tall. In addition, it has been only three years since he played as a middle blocker in earnest as a player who played outside heater and apogit spy in high school. Choi Jung-min of IBK Industrial Bank Altos, who is leading the generational change of middle blockers with a small height of 179 centimeters, is the main character.

Choi Jungmin joined the professional league as a wing striker 온라인카지노.

Last season, the blocking section of the V League women’s team was more outstanding than any other season. Han Su-ji GS Caltex KIXX, who was born in February 1989, started her professional career in 2006, recorded 0.83 blocks per set and ranked first in the blocking category for the first time since her professional debut. Bae Yuna and Jung Dae-young GS Caltex, who led Korea Expressway Corporation’s High Pass to win the championship, also showed “the power of a veteran” with 0.77 blocks per set.

Yang Hyo-jin, the best middle blocker in the V League history, who has been the “blocking queen” 12 times in his career, including the No. 1 blocker for 11 consecutive seasons, ranked fourth with 0.74 per set. And Kim Soo-ji, who has been Yang Hyo-jin’s longtime national team partner and has been active in Heungkuk Life since this season, ranked fifth with 0.69 per set. None of the top five blocking players were born after 1990. The veterans’ performance was great, but considering the generational change of middle blockers, it was not something to be happy about.

Young players in their early and mid-20s were concentrated between 6th and 10th in the blocking category. And among them, Choi Jung-min of the Industrial Bank of Korea, who was ninth in the blocking category 0.54 per set, was the youngest player born in December 2002 and the shortest player 179 cm. Of course, Choi Jung-min was just one of the most common middle blocker prospects in the league, as Choi Jung-min’s personal performance was not very prominent at that time, and the Industrial Bank of Korea was also ranked sixth among the seven clubs.

Choi Jung-min showed off his recognized offense on the high school stage as he has been the main striker of the team since 2019, when he was a second grader at Hanbom High School, leading the national championship to three gold medals. Like most of the high school aces with good height and attack, Choi Jung-min was exempted from receiving subscriptions in high school, but he showed a clear attack. However, in the 2020-2021 season’s rookie draft, he was selected by the Industrial Bank of Korea as the third overall pick, behind Kim Ji-won GS Caltex and Lee Sun-woo Chief of the Cabinet.

When Choi Jung-min joined the professional league, the Industrial Bank of Korea had a seasoned and experienced middle blocker duo consisting of Kim Soo-ji and Kim Hee-jin. However, Choi Jung-min could not play as the main apogit spy, beating foreign player Anna Lazareva Beijing BAIC Motor. Choi Jung-min’s only performance in the rookie season was in the final regular league match against GS Caltex on March 12, 2021, when he played instead of Lazareva and scored the most 13 points in the team.

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