Luis Campos, the head of the team’s leadership, also expressed satisfaction by evaluating the recruitment of Lee Kang-in.

In a recent lecture at Sorbonne, PSG general manager Campos said, “I have worked hard to recruit Lee Kang-in. The finance team should not exceed a certain amount.” But from a football perspective, I really like Lee Kang-in. He is the player that Luis Enrique wanted.”

French media outlet Foot Mercato also cited Lee Kang-in as one of the best recruits, saying, “The transfer market, the best players in League 1.” Foot Mercato noted Lee Kang-in’s performance immediately after the transfer, saying, “Lee Kang-in drew an inverse curve. He was first injured and only played as a substitute, but he was absent due to the Asian Games, but he is gradually revealing his presence and justifying the 22 million euro transfer fee.” 카지노사이트 순위

A comparison with Lionel Messi has also appeared. The person who compared Lee Kang-in to Messi was Davy Ginola, who played for PSG and Tottenham. Referring to Lee Kang-in on the broadcast, Ginola said, “When I look at Lee Kang-in as a player, I have a left foot that looks a lot like Messi’s left foot since he played for Mallorca. The way he always looks different when he plays with his left foot can be found in the movements and gestures that Messi made at Barcelona. I wait for Lee Kang-in to bloom and develop at PSG.” Fans’ eyes on Lee Kang-in have been even higher as a comparison with Messi, the world’s best soccer player, appeared.

Prior to Ginola, comparisons between Lee Kang-in and Messi have already been made before. Regarding Lee Kang-in, who played as a right wing even after his debut at PSG, Lee Kang-in particularly enjoyed filling the space once occupied by Argentina’s great player, even though he had to fill the huge spot left by Messi. Even if Lee Kang-in’s new employer was disappointed with some of the harvest he made on the day, Lee Kang-in will be satisfied with his performance as the first South Korean player to debut at PSG, he praised Messi.

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