Liverpool win twice a day and first-team training, Ferguson a fan…”15-year-old prospect from Russia”, hope for Manchester United

Britain’s Daily Mail highlighted Amir Ibrahimov (15), a rising 2008-born prospect, on the 14th (Korea Standard Time), saying, “Is the future of Manchester United at the hands of the three Russian brothers?”

Amir Ibrahimov is a Russian striker. He moved to England from Russia at the age of 11 and began his career at Sheffield United Academy. After moving to Manchester United, he continues to grow. He also played for England under-15s.

Amir Ibrahimov beat Liverpool twice in January, according to the article. Ibrahimov, who scored the winning goal against Liverpool in the U-16 (U-15) team, played for the U-18 team a short time later, helping them beat Liverpool 3-2. 온라인카지노

Ibrahimov, who is the captain of the U-14 and U-15 teams, was invited by Manchester United manager Erik ten Hach in April to join the first-tier training. Former coach Alex Ferguson is also known as a fan. In other words, Manchester United is also closely watching Ibrahimov’s growth.

The funny thing is Ibragimov has two more at Manchester United. There are Ghazir and Muhammad below. For reference, Amir’s brother, 19-year-old Yvrajim, is a mixed martial arts (MMA) professional player and has six crew losses.

The media expressed expectations, saying, “The Neville brothers and Da Silva twins played for Manchester United, but it would be great if the three Ibrahimovs played together at Old Trafford one day.” United were played by brothers Gary Neville and Phil Neville. Rafael da Silva and Fabio da Silva also joined.

The Manchester United youth coach said of Amir, “The mentality that never gave up was the most impressive to me. If you need someone to run at full speed in the last few seconds after being counterattacked, it will be him,” he explained.

He also said, “I haven’t seen many players who can play like Amir. Like Wayne Rooney’s role, he is a player who plays as a forward while playing as a 10th player, switches the ball, and even tags or attacks.” Amir has already signed a sponsorship contract with Adidas.

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