LG Twins is in the hands of this man

In the 2024 season, it’s safe to say that the fate of the LG Twins is in the hands of this man. It’s new foreign pitcher Dietrick Enns.

LG won its first championship in 29 years last season. But they’re still hungry. Coach Yoon Kyung-yup dreams of building a dynasty.

To do so, an ace is essential. LG struggled with Adam Plutko last season. He stopped pitching midway through the season due to injury issues, and LG ended up playing fall baseball without a foreign ace. It’s a shame because they won the championship, but if they didn’t, they would have been without Plutko for a long time.

So LG searched high and low for a foreign starter and found one in Ens. Ens spent the last two seasons with the Seibu Lions of Nippon Professional Baseball, 토토사이트 winning 10 games in the 2022 season but going 1-10 last season. But Yeom doesn’t have a problem with that. Why?

“His fastball has really good command. His slider is good. The slider comes in like a sweeper, but he couldn’t capitalize on the drop. That’s why he failed in Japan. The data says it all.”

So, after Enns signed with LG, Yeom placed a special order.

He told him to work on his curveball and changeup. It’s one thing for a manager to give instructions to a player, but when a foreign manager who’s never seen you before tells you to develop your pitches, it can be a little overwhelming for a foreign player. But when Enns showed up to spring training, he kept his promise to Yeom. He impressed Dye with a quality curveball and changeup.

“I was feeling the need to step up my game as a pitcher,” he said of his willingness to accept the offer at Scottsdale, “and I was on the same page with the manager. My failure in Japan last season became my medicine. I thought I needed to refine my curveball and changeup and develop other pitches, especially my changeup,” he said. “He led the team to the championship last season. He’s more experienced than me, he knows the league better, he knows the hitters and everything, and I trust him. And I’m ready to listen to him anytime.”

LG’s expectations for Enns are clear. 파워볼사이트 They want him to be the ace of the rotation and win around 15 games. Yoon has already named Enns as the de facto opening day starter. “I don’t feel any pressure,” Enns said of his ability to live up to the expectations. I just want to pitch and give the team success every game. Then the results will follow, including my personal performance. I’m not going to overthink it, I’m going to keep it simple and just try to do my best in every game.”

“Overall, everything is good,” Enns said of his spring training form. I’m gradually improving my physical condition. I’m satisfied, and I’m working hard on the new equipment.”

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