“Let’s meet on a better stage”

At the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games, baseball team’s Kang Baek-ho (24, KT Wiz) and Taiwanese national baseball team’s Liu Zhurong (24), who drew attention for their “cross-border friendship,” once again expressed their affection for their friends.

Liu Zhurong posted a letter to Kang Baek-ho on his SNS on the 13th. Liu Zhurong, who also posted several photos with Kang Baek-ho, showed his sincerity in writing the letter in Korean.

He said, “I was really looking forward to it when I found out that you were going to the Asian Games. I already knew you were stressed before we met, he said. “So I wanted to hug you and cheer you up whenever I meet you, even if the language doesn’t work.”

“I’m sorry that you won as a member of the opposing team, but as a friend, I was happy to see you relieve your stress after the game,” he said. “Let’s work hard for the baseball we love.” Let’s compete on a better stage next time,” he added. 토토사이트

Kang Baek-ho also immediately responded. “Thank you and I love you my prod brother,” he wrote in Liu Zlong’s message. Proud of you, my brother,” he wrote in the comments.

Kang Baek-ho and Ryu Zlong, who were born in 1999, have been friends since the youth national team. Although they do not communicate with each other, they have continued to contact each other steadily and built a strong friendship.

Their relationship also became a hot topic of conversation in this tournament. South Korea, which was beaten by Taiwan in the finals, won the gold medal in return for the final, while Kang Baek-ho and Ryu Zlong encouraged each other with a hot hug after the match.

Meanwhile, Ryuzlong signed with the Boston Red Sox in Major League Baseball in 2021 and is currently playing in the minor leagues.

Ryuzlong, who was promoted to Double A last year and played full time this year, pitched 114 ⅓ innings in 26 games (24 starts) this season, recording 7 wins, 8 losses and a 5.35 ERA. It is difficult to expect a Major League “call-up” yet, but he is a pitcher who is more expected in the future as he is young.

Kang Baek-ho, who suffered from this and that this season, returned to the first division stage in September, and finished his team KT’s regular season after returning after winning a gold medal at the Asian Games.

Kang Baek-ho, who failed to meet expectations with a batting average of 0.265 and eight home runs and 39 RBIs in 71 regular-season games, is waiting for “Autumn Baseball” as his team KT confirmed a direct playoff position in second place.

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