Lee Da-young is rumored to be moving to three major European volleyball leagues… More than 1.3 billion won a year

Setter Lee Da-young (27, Karne) is likely to advance to the top 4 in the Women’s League of the European Volleyball Federation (CEV). The Vietnamese daily newspaper “Tetao Van Hoa” reported on Dec. 4 that “Lee Da-young, the best 7 in the 2018-2020 Korean V League, will receive a love call from the world-class stage and the club over $1 million (about 1.3 billion won) annually.”

Tetao Van Hoa is a sports and culture newspaper published by the official news agency of the Vietnamese government. The Vietnamese women’s team ranks 39th in the FIVB world, higher than Korea (40th). 파워볼게임

Lee Da-young left Lapid Bucharest (Romania) in June 2023 and joined Le Carne (France). Romania ranked seventh in the European Women’s Volleyball League last season, while France ranked fifth this season.

“Tetao Van Hoa” said, “We are luring Lee Da-young with good conditions to surpass Le Cañe in various teams in countries with a larger women’s volleyball market than France.”

“The European volleyball community recognizes Lee Da-young’s potential to become a superstar. The third round of the CEV Women’s Champions League, which was played at home this season, won the MVP of the game,” Tetao Van Hoa said.

LeCane ranks first in Group E of the European Volleyball Federation Women’s Champions League finals with three wins and one loss. If she maintains the lead in the remaining two group games, she will advance to the quarterfinals.

“The local response in Europe is that Lee Da-young is greatly helping the Le Cane 2023-24 CEV club competition with his outstanding performance. The offer of millions of dollars in total is worth guessing the high value,” he said, adding that he has even come up with a multi-year contract proposal.

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