Las Vegas Spear Collaborates With YouTube And NFL

Sphere Entertainment Co. announced today that YouTube will premiere its first brand campaign specifically designed for Sphere’s LED exterior, Exosphere, in Las Vegas, with the support of NFL Sunday Ticket, an NFL premium subscription for fans to watch every game of Sunday afternoon.

YouTube is the new home to NFL Sunday tickets, where fans can access all live games held on Sunday afternoon throughout the NFL regular season. And you can buy it on YouTube and YouTube TV. In commemoration, YouTube created an animation that transforms Spear’s exterior into all helmets of 32 NFL teams. YouTube’s multi-state campaign kicks off at 9 a.m. on September 1, and NFL1 begins to help producers of the NFL or NFLCCI.

“It is appropriate for YouTube, one of the most respected and important media platforms in the world, to launch its first-ever brand campaign in Exosphere to support NFL Sunday tickets,” said Guy Barnett, senior vice president of brand strategy and creative development at Sphere Entertainment. “I’m looking forward to seeing how NFL fans will react to their team on the world’s largest LED screen.”

The largest LED screen on Earth, the Exosphere, consists of approximately 1.2 million LED pucks at 8-inch intervals. Each puck has 48 individual LED diodes, each capable of displaying 256 million different colors, creating a vivid new landmark on the Las Vegas skyline. 파칭코

“Exosphere’s larger-than-life canvas combined with two of the most widely known brands, YouTube and NFL, gave us an immersive experience ahead of the start of the season and the launch of the NFL Sunday Ticket,” said David Hopkinson, president and chief operating officer of MSG Sports

From morning rituals to influential artist and brand campaigns every day, Expo showcases content that attracts more than 40 million visitors and Sphere customers every year and is widely shared on social media.

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