Kwon Chang-hoon, who said, “I’m sorry only.”Jeonbuk transfer in a day after apologizing to Suwon fans

Kwon Chang-hoon (29) left Suwon Samsung, which was relegated to the K League 2 (part 2), and built a new nest in Jeonbuk Hyundai. It has been half a season since he returned to Suwon after being discharged from the military, and it has been less than a day since he repeatedly said, “I’m sorry,” and apologized to Suwon fans, saying, “I’m sorry,” while telling them about his recent situation that did not help the team in the second half of last season.

Jeonbuk has officially announced the recruitment of Kwon Chang-hoon, who used to be a free agent, on Tuesday. Kwon is currently undergoing rehabilitation, but the Jeonbuk club said, “For Kwon’s quick return, our doctors and medical teams will work together to revive his performance and rehabilitation.” The contract period was not disclosed. Kwon’s last participation record was against E-Land in Seoul in April last season when he was a member of Gimcheon’s management team in the K League 2. Dan Petrescu (Romania) took the helm in June last year. 파워볼게임

Coincidentally, it has been less than a day since he bowed his head to Suwon fans through his social media along with a photo of himself wearing a Suwon uniform the previous day. Kwon Chang-hoon wrote, “First of all, I would like to apologize to Suwon Samsung Bluewings fans. I feel a great responsibility and sorry that I couldn’t be of any help when the team was in trouble, having been receiving support from Suwon fans throughout my career.”

“I was injured while serving in the military this year, and I was discharged from the military in that state. Suwon was in a very difficult situation at the time, and I tried my best to get treatment and rehabilitation as I wanted to return quickly. However, my condition did not improve, so I had no choice but to take the final option of surgery,” he said. “I really did my best to rehabilitate after hoping that I could play even for a minute after the surgery. I wanted to tell you my situation after greeting you on the ground as a soccer player. However, I failed to return within the season, and I had no choice but to accept the result of being out of the season.”

Kwon Chang-hoon also said, “I thought a lot about whether I should tell you my situation in the middle of the game, but most of all, I didn’t want to make the atmosphere of the team chaotic for no reason when the team was in a difficult situation. I’m so sorry and deeply reflecting on myself because my decision only made me feel frustrated to the fans. I’m so sorry and sorry to tell the fans who worried about me a lot and visited me so late. I’ll never forget the undue love you gave me and live my life grateful for it.”

Kwon Chang-hoon’s apology was made because Suwon fans were infested with the news that he was leaving Suwon. Kwon Chang-hoon returned to his former team Suwon through a short-term contract when his future became uncertain after his attempt to re-enter the European stage after being discharged from the military last year was canceled. He managed to continue his journey with his former team Suwon at a time when his career could have been cut off. However, after joining Suwon, he rarely showed up on the ground, and in the process, it was difficult for fans to even easily access news related to him. To make matters worse, Suwon fans strongly criticized rumors that he was heading to Jeonbuk as if he were escaping when Suwon was demoted to the second division league for the first time ever. This was the background of Kwon’s belated message on social media.

However, less than a day after expressing his apology to Suwon fans, the disappointment of Suwon fans turned into anger as the transfer to Jeonbuk became official. Kwon Chang-hoon was a player from Matango, a youth in Suwon, who had been loved by fans, and he was a symbol of the club, as the club actively helped him in respect of his will to enter Europe in the past. It was in the same vein that he returned to Suwon when he returned to the K-League after finishing his European life, and the club also guaranteed the highest level of annual salary in the team at the time.

Even if it was not helpful when his team was in crisis last season, fans had high expectations that he would continue to accompany Suwon this season and help them to challenge his re-entry due to the fans’ strong affection for him. It was also a reward for the fans who expressed their undue love. However, Kwon’s answer was an apology on social media that was too late, and an apology that left doubts about his sincerity as the transfer was officially announced in less than a day.

Immediately after the official announcement of his move to Jeonbuk, Kwon Chang-hoon expressed his feelings and aspirations in a video interview with his club while wearing a Jeonbuk uniform. “It wasn’t an easy decision. I thought a lot about it. Jeonbuk showed the most interest in me thankfully. Despite the injury, I tried to give a lot of encouragement and help. That was the reason why I had no choice but to come to Jeonbuk. I am grateful,” he said.

“My recovery is going well. The surgery went well and the progress is not bad. I am trying to prepare well step by step so that I can see you at the stadium as soon as possible,” he said. “Since I have played in Jeonbuk a lot of matches, I have also seen how thick and tremendous enthusiasm the Jeonbuk fans’ fan base supports. I think the most important thing is to show a good performance on the field.”

The Jeonbuk club with Kwon Chang-hoon said, “Kwon Chang-hoon is the best star who has been recognized for his soccer skills in Korea since early on,” adding, “Kwon Chang-hoon needs some time for rehabilitation, but he is very good at recognizing the real thing,” and he firmly believes in his comeback in Jeonbuk.

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