Ko Woo-suk maintained his No. 1 save by achieving 33 saves in the season

LG pitchers trained on the mound before the game of the “2022 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League” NC-LG at Jamsil Baseball Stadium in Seoul. The pitchers practiced by creating a defensive situation. Following the first base check training, we did the second base check training. Kim Dae-yu, the next player of “Hold No. 1” Jung Woo-young, crouched down and watched Jung Woo-young. Then Lim Chan-kyu, who was behind Kim Dae-yu, watched Jung Yoo-young’s check movement with the same posture.

Kim Jin-sung, who was behind Lim Chan-kyu, stood comfortably and watched the check movements of the leading pitchers. After about 30 minutes of intensive defense practice, the pitching group warmed up lightly and headed to the locker room to prepare for the game. In the game, LG won 5-3 against NC with a perfect mission in the bullpen. 바카라사이트

LG starter Lee Min-ho recorded four hits, three runs, two walks, and one strikeout in three innings, failing to record a win-loss. Following Lee Min-ho, Choi Sung-hoon, Lee Woo-chan, Song Eun-beom, Kim Dae-yu, Jung Woo-young, Jin Hae-soo, and Ko Woo-seok took the mound to protect the team’s victory.

Ko Woo-suk maintained his No. 1 save by achieving 33 saves in the season. LG, which won 5-3 against NC, is in second place with 69 wins, 42 losses, and 1 draw, and NC is in seventh place with 48 wins, 60 losses, and 3 draws. After the game, manager Ryu Ji-hyun said, “Our most reliable bullpen pitchers threw 5⅓ innings perfectly and led the victory. And Ko Woo-suk finished it neatly,” he said.

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