Kim Tae-ryong (64), the general manager who made an outstanding contribution to making the Doosan Bears a strong team, has become the vice president.

“Kim Tae-ryong has been promoted to vice president,” the Doosan Bears said on Tuesday. Kim Tae-ryong is a well-known figure in Doosan’s team. Since joining the team in 1990, Kim has served as manager, operations team leader, and operations promotion team leader, and took the helm in 2011 with outstanding capabilities.

Since then, he has led the team for more than 10 years, making Doosan a strong team representing the professional baseball league. During Kim’s tenure, Doosan worked hard to find promising players and produced new players despite constant transfers of its flagship players, earning the nickname “Hwabun Baseball.” 슬롯머신

During the period, Doosan had experienced autumn baseball except for three times, and especially since 2015, it has made strides at advancing to the Korean Series for the seventh consecutive year. It also garnered three more trophies.

Although he became the vice president, he will continue to serve as the general manager. “Kim Tae-ryong kept his position and changed his position in Doosan Group from executive director Kim Tae-ryong to vice president Kim Tae-ryong,” the Doosan team said.

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