Kim Min-jae good or not! Nangbo ‘shattered’ in a day

Munich hires KIM competitor ‘normal progress’

The good news for Kim Min-jae has been shattered within a day. Bayern Munich’s talks with Jonathan Tah (Bayer Leverkusen), which were thought to have fallen through, are reportedly not over.

Sky Sports Germany journalist Florian Plettenberg tweeted on Tuesday (Aug. 20) that “negotiations between Munich and Leverkusen for the signing of Jonathan Tah are proceeding normally. The deal has not fallen through.”

However, there are still difficulties in the negotiations. “Leverkusen are still asking for too much money,” Plettenberg said. “Munich has set clear limits,” says Plettenberg, “and they want 40 million euros. Losing Tah is a big blow for Leverkusen, so they want a significant transfer fee.”

The transfer could also be linked to the situation of Valdemar Anton (Stuttgart). “The situation could be accelerated if Anton decides to commit to Leverkusen,” said Plettenberg. Tah is hoping to sign a contract with Munich until 2029,” Plettenberg added.

Just one day later, the tables were turned. Kim Min-jae, who struggled to compete for the starting role last season, now has strong competition.

“Munich’s move for Ta is on the verge of collapse. Who would have thought this would happen,” and “Maybe Ta won’t come to Munich. Tah’s move to Munich is on the verge of collapse due to differences over transfer fee”.

German publication Bild also reported that “Tah’s move to Munich is in jeopardy. “Munich and Leverkusen are still at loggerheads over the transfer fee, with Munich claiming that Leverkusen’s €40 million asking price is too high. Tah had €18 million in buyout money a year ago,” the report said.

As reported, Munich are believed to be under considerable pressure to pay for a player who has nearly doubled his tally in just over a year.

“An even more obvious reason for the unclear signing of Tah is that Munich still needs to offload one or two center backs,” Bild said, adding that “Munich plans to have four center backs next season,” emphasizing the need to clear the center back position.

Recently, Munich signed Hiroki Ito from Stuttgart. Ito’s addition to the existing options of Kim Min-jae, Dayo Upamecano, Mateusz Durich, and Eric Dier will bring the number of center backs to six. To keep it at four, two would have to leave.

So, depending on whether or not Tah moves to Munich, it 토토사이트 will be a factor in Kim’s competition.

After a tumultuous first season last season, Kim is looking for new competition under Vincent Kompany.

After the season ended, Kim spoke to German outlet T-Online about his frustrations. He admitted that his style of play, which involves breaking the line and aggressively winning the ball, didn’t fit with Munich’s style of play. He also recalled the situation against Real Madrid.

“As a defender, I always played with conviction,” Kim said, “but after Tuchel’s criticism, I had many moments of hesitation during the game. It was because I didn’t play with conviction.” Former Munich coach Thomas Tuchel hasn’t called out Kim Min-jae before, but he did make a comment that seemed to allude to him, saying, “There are center backs who go higher than fullbacks.”

“I worked really hard to show the coach what he wanted me to do,” Kim added. “From a tactical point of view, I should have done a better job of fulfilling 에볼루션 바카라사이트 the coach’s demands, but I didn’t,” he said, blaming himself for the failure.

Kim was undeterred. “It wasn’t a satisfactory season, and I need to improve next season. As a player, you always think a lot after a season. What I did well, what I lacked, what I need,” he said. “It’s more important to learn from my mistakes and weaknesses. It’s important to reflect in order to compete at a high level. I’m determined to be a stronger player next season.”

It looked like Kim was getting a little breathing room after a deal that was supposed to be a strong competitor fell through, but with the news that the deal is still on track, it will be interesting to see what happens in the summer transfer market.

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