Kim Ji-hyun, 5th winner of KLPGA, aims for revival with PLK logo

 Kim Ji-hyun (33), who opened the ‘Jihyun World’ on the Korea Ladies Professional Golf (KLPGA) Tour in 2017, is making a comeback wearing the Pacific Lynx Korea (PLK) logo.Jihyun Kim signed a sponsorship contract with PLK at the PLK Lounge in Gangnam-gu, Seoul on the 3rd.The contract period is two years until 2025.Ji-Hyun Kim enters the field with the PLK logo attached to the front of her hat and uniform top. Ji-Hyun Kim stood tall as a top player on the KLPGA Tour by winning three championships, including the 2017 Korea Women’s Open, and has since won twice, giving her a total of five wins.After winning the Doosan Match Play Championship in 2019, he fell into a slump and was unable to maintain his seeding last year, but he predicted a comeback by taking first place in the KLPGA Tour seeding match.

Ji-Hyun Kim said, “This year, my goal is to get one win.”PLK also has 2019 Nexen/Saint Nine Masters champion Lee Seung-yeon (25), 2018 NH Investment & Securities Ladies Championship winner In Ju-yeon (26), 2019 Dream Tour prize money winner Hwang Ye-na (30), Hwang Yu-na (20), and Kim Se-eun. (25), Kim Soo-min (26), and Seo Jae-yeon (22) signed sponsorship contracts and founded the PLK Golf Team with 8 members. Ji-Hyun Kim, Seung-Yeon Lee, Y-Na Hwang, Yu-Na Hwang, and Se-Eun Kim are playing on the KLPGA Tour this year, Ju-Yeon In and Soo-Min Kim are playing on the Dream Tour, and Jae-Yeon Seo is playing on the Jump Tour.PLK CEO Jang Ok-young said, “We have formed a golf team with players with skills and potential,” and added, 카지노사이트킹 “We will contribute to the development of Korean golf through various channels in the future.”

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