“Kim Do-young’s greatest talent ever, I envy you.” KBO’s 28-year-old defensive king, honest confession… There is a ‘strongest infielder combination’ in KIA

KIA Tigers’ “defensive king” Park Chan-ho (28) praised the talent of junior and best friend infielder Kim Do-young (20). Park Chan-ho appeared on baseball YouTube Baseball Steamed hosted by Seo Dong-wook and comedian Kim Tae-won on the 22nd and spoke candidly when asked about Kim Do-young.

Park Chan-ho said, “This is the greatest talent ever. When I see him bat, I’ve never seen anyone with that talent, even though I’ve been on the same team. I envy him.” This is the accurate evaluation of a senior who has been watching Kim Do-young from the side for the past two years.

Park Chan-ho regretted that Kim played 84 games this season due to various injuries. In fact, Kim fractured his metatarsal bone while running base early in the season, and had to rehabilitate until mid-June. While headfirst sliding at first base at the Asian Professional Baseball Championship late last month, he fractured the internal ligament and flexor fracture of his left thumb. He underwent surgery and started four-month rehabilitation. One month has passed. 안전 토토사이트

It is true that Kim Do-young’s talent when he is healthy is unprecedented. In 84 games this season, he hit 103 for 340 with a batting average of 0.303, seven homers, 47 RBIs, 72 runs and 25 steals, and an OPS of 0.824 runs scored. In 84 games, he stole nearly 30 bases. He hit a home run that hit the top of the outfield stand at Jamsil Stadium. The speed of his batting was 173.8 kilometers.

He is the same age as the top of the top. He played 84 games at explosive speed and stole nearly 30 bases, and hit a home run with tremendous power. It should be said that the change that lowered the bat near the shoulder to the chest was successful.

Of course, Park also talked about Kim’s shortcomings. He is temperament, not skill. “Do-young is a little timid. He is a little depressed because he has not expressed his personality,” Park said. Every player has such shortcomings. Kim has far more strengths than weaknesses.

Park Chan-ho praised Kim Do-young, but he actually contributed more to the team this season. This year, Park hit 0.301 with three homers, 52 RBIs, 73 runs scored and 30 stolen bases with an OPS of 0.734 runs scored. He tied with Oh Ji-hwan (33, LG Twins) for the first defensive player of the shortstop.

Park Chan-ho and Kim Do-young are also valuable resources for KIA’s infield. Since Park Chan-ho is qualified as an FA after the 2025 season, the two are KIA’s signature left infielders until then. I already felt enough at the end of the season that the infield and the upper-level batting line without the two were empty.

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