Kia’s Kim Do-young is a leadoff prospect who hits well and runs well, ‘talent rich’

“Seo Gun-chang’s words resonated with me.”

Kia Tigers infielder Kim Do-young said this after hitting a game-winning three-run homer to left field against the LG Twins in Gwangju on Sept. 9. Seo recently imparted his experience to Kim, beginning with, “Players like us are…”

After the Gwangju LG game on Tuesday, Seo said, “A home run hitter can get over a slump by hitting a home run, but hitters like us (middle infielders, shifters, etc.) can’t do that. I think I used to be like that. If I’m not hitting well, I’ll be a little more aggressive and steal bases,” he said.

When a player is not hitting well, it is his duty to contribute to the team by running and playing defense, but Seo said it also helped him. “It gave me an adrenaline rush. I got some energy. I remembered that I used to do that, so I told Do Young-i about it,” he said.

Of course, Seo Gun-chang said, “Ji is doing a good job,” but Kim Do-young’s words struck a chord with the president. Maybe that’s why. From the ninth day of his return to the leadoff spot, Kim tormented LG with back-to-back shutouts. On the 9th, he went 5-for-4 with a home run, three RBIs, and one run scored. On the 10th, he went 2-for-4 with a double, a run scored, a walk, and two stolen bases.

Lee Bum-ho plans to develop Kim Do-young as a third baseman, not a leadoff hitter, and a big bat to represent the team. In reality, Kim’s athleticism means that he is not a one-hit wonder. Lee Bum-ho is right. It’s just that he started hitting well when the current leadoff man, Park Chan-ho, was injured and moved to the leadoff spot for a while.

Still, Kia has been fortunate to have Kim Do-young bounce back from his early-season slump and continue to dominate in the offense. It feels like 스포츠토토 Kim’s play is not only increasing his value, but actually lubricating the Kia batting order.

“It’s a good lineup to have,” said Lee Bum-ho, “and we’ve had at least one hard hit, well-hit ball in every game. There were a lot of pitches that went straight to the plate. It’s a different mental state when you don’t get a hit and when you do. It’s also something I’ve been worried about defensively. It’s clear that the more games he plays, the better he’s going to be. We have to keep trusting him, and he’s going to be an important part of our team in the future.”  

Kia also lost backup shortstop Park Min on the day. Kim Do-young will have to lead off and veteran Seo Gun-chang will have to push from behind to create flow. The good news is that Park Min will only need three weeks of rehabilitation to avoid surgery due to a torn medial vastus lateralis in his left knee. Park Chan-ho is also in good shape to return soon.


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