“KIA must win next year…” KBO’s 28-year-old defensive king has a strong will, and expects to be a ‘LG rival horse’ in 2024

KIA Tigers shortstop and “defensive king” Park Chan-ho (28) expressed his will to prepare for the 2024 Korean Series victory. On the 22nd, comedian Kim Tae-won and Kia native Seo Dong-wook appeared on YouTube Baseball Steamed and talked as above.

Park mentioned his junior Kim Do-young (20) and shortstop Oh Ji-hwan (33, LG Twins) and corrected past prejudice against his batting and defense. In particular, he was well received for clearly explaining his defense position. 온라인경마

He also clearly expressed his direction for the 2024 season. “We have to win the title next year. I don’t think we have a better team than LG,” he said. “Honestly, mercenary pitchers are too big. Injuries are not a big factor. No matter how many players are injured, people say that we have to play 120 to 130 games to return to the full season. But (B) Sung-bum played 60 games (58 games in real life) and Doyoung played 80 games (84 games in real life).”

Amid such remarks by Park Chan-ho, Kia’s appearance in the 2023 season was abbreviated. In fact, Kia has had more injuries this year. Kim took two months off due to a fractured metatarsal bone while running base in the second game of the season. He is rehabilitating after getting hurt again while headfirst sliding at the Asian Pro Baseball Championship.

Na did not play at all until right before the match against the KT Wiz in Gwangju on June 23 due to a calf injury. After returning to the team, Na showed off “crazy mode” but ended the season in vain after playing against LG in Gwangju on September 19 due to a hamstring injury. In fact, Park Chan-ho also had wrist pain since the spring camp. Then, he injured his finger while headfirst sliding at the first base against Samsung in Daegu on September 12, and was sidelined for two weeks. During this period, Kia shifted from upward to downward.

It is also true that sluggish foreign pitchers caused the team to lose momentum in general. They had a total of 16 wins including Thomas Panoni (six wins), Mario Sanchez (four wins), Shaun Anderson (four wins), and Adonis Medina (two wins). Due to the combination of the two issues, he could not afford to play in the postseason due to his lackluster performance in the mid-ranked team.

As long as Kia selects two foreign pitchers well this winter, as Park Chan-ho said, the team could clearly gain momentum from the 2024 season due to good depth and weight of its batters, starters, and bullpen. If the two foreign pitchers succeed, its overall lineup will be considerably smaller than that of LG.

There are also people who give this kind of view of KIA from outside. If you believe in the average, it is worth expecting a decrease in productivity and injuries of foreign pitchers. And this part is expected to naturally boost KIA’s 2024 season.

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