KIA fans fell in love with the ambitious tempo… DH sweeping feat, started with Hwang Dong-ha’s hand

KIA’s starting rotation is unstable throughout the season. It seemed to be a complete group, but there was another hole recently. Foreign player Mario Sanchez has left due to an elbow injury. Although the recovery speed is faster than expected, it cannot be seen on the first-tier mound for the time being.

By the time Sanchez returns, Lee Eui-ri will probably not be in Korea. Lee Eui-ri was called up to the national team for the Hangzhou Asian Games. He will join the national team on September 22. There are only about two more appearances left before going to the national team. On top of that, the schedule is tight. He played a doubleheader with LG in Gwangju on the 9th, and he is still waiting two more times. An alternative starter is needed, but so far the fog has not lifted easily.

When the starting lineup was flat, there was also a tendency to prefer bullpen relays to alternative starters. So I haven’t fully experimented with alternative starting resources. It is clear that it is an element of anxiety at the end of the season. In that situation, KIA fans saw a hope on the 9th. I felt the possibility from the ambitious pitching of second-year pitcher Hwang Dong-ha (21). He is still a young player and does not have much experience in the first division, but he shows a pretty good start every time he takes the mound. 바카라사이트

Hwang Dong-ha, who graduated from Impression High School and was nominated in the 7th round (65th overall) of the 2nd round of the 2022 Rookie Draft, has steadily improved his skills by playing the 2nd-tier rotation this year. In the match against Daegu Samsung on August 20, he started and held out well with three runs in 4⅔3 innings, drawing the attention of the coaching staff.

The ball is not fast, but the ball control is relatively good, and he also showed boldness that is not like a young player with aggressive and cool pitching. Despite the fact that the game was delayed a lot due to rain, he kept the mound until the fifth inning and received applause from fans.

As such, he was promoted to the “No. 1 substitute starter” and was given an important mission at the end of the season. KIA manager Kim Jong-kook looked at Hwang Dong-ha with satisfaction as a player with an aggressive mind from the beginning. “For long-handed players, you have to bring a more sophisticated command. Aggressive pitching is good and the repertoire is good. “I asked you to pay a little attention to that part,” he said. And Hwang Dong-ha showed off his growth by fulfilling such bench orders well.

KIA overcame an important crisis by catching both LG and doubleheaders at Gwangju-Kia Champions Field on the 9th. The player who set the stage for the doubleheader victory was Hwang Dong-ha, who was a starter in one game. It calmly blocked the momentum of LG, the league’s strongest batters, and LG, which won a great victory the previous day. If he had received a little more defensive support and batting support, he could have gotten a better result.

The maximum speed of the four-seam fastball was 144 kilometers per hour, which was also not fast. The average was 141 kilometers. However, the ball control went well, and the slider and forkball were properly mixed. The slider had a good taste of bending. His unique aggressive tempo also stood out. I got the ball, saw the catcher’s sign, and just threw it. Due to Hwang Dong-ha’s fast tempo, LG hitters have been slow to prepare from their first at-bat several times. In other words, this new player was pushing LG sluggers.

Although he was substituted for consecutive hits in the fifth inning, he still pitched 70 pitches in 4⅓3 innings and held out well with four hits and two runs. In fact, KIA, which was pushed back in the starting matchup in one game, but Hwang Dong-ha pitched better than expected, providing conditions for the must-win group, and eventually came from behind to win 7-6 to take the lead.

This momentum led to two games. In other words, Hwang Dong-ha fired a signal of a feat by sweeping a doubleheader. KIA coach Kim Jong-kook also said, “It was a pitch that Hwang Dong-ha met the coach’s expectations well. “Although he lost a point in the top of the fifth inning, he played his role well,” he praised.

I don’t expect an ace-like performance. The entry is now enlarged. There are many bullpen pitchers on standby. Even if you show the contents of the pitch for about nine days, there is a considerable strategy that can be attached after that. If Lee Eui-ri goes to the Asian Games, there is a good chance that he will take over. For Hwang Dong-ha, it is still a big opportunity to ease the burden and show his ability. KIA is aiming for the final spurt of the season by finding one more card that raises hope in the crisis.

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