“Kang In, I’m running with you.” Mbappe directly denies going to Real, “I have a lot to do at PSG.”The transfer agreement for ‘33.7 billion per year’ is ‘fake news’

France’s “RMC Sport” reported on the 8th (Korea Standard Time) that “there have been numerous rumors about Mbappe’s transfer in recent days, but PSG is calming the situation down.” “The European winter transfer market has just begun and Mbappe, whose contract with PSG expires in June, can negotiate with any team. However, Mbappe had a busy weekend at PSG, including a hat-trick in the French Cup.”

The media quoted Mbappe’s close aide as saying, “Mbappe has not talked to other teams. There has been no discussion or agreement.” PSG wants to renew Mbappe’s contract, and it is said that Mbappe expects him to make a good decision.

Recently, European media reported on Mbappe’s possible move to Real Madrid. Spanish newspaper Marca said, “Real and Liverpool are closely monitoring Mbappe’s decision. However, Mbappe’s decision may be a little late. We will make a final decision before Feb. 14 when the round of 16 best teams at the UEFA Champions League takes place.” “Mbappe does not want the transfer scandal to be repeated last summer. He will decide on the deadline whether to go to Real or stay at PSG.”

When rumors of a transfer surfaced, Mbappe personally expressed his opinion, drawing attention. After the last Super Cup final, Mbappe said in an interview with local French media, “It’s a season full of will. We still have a competition to win PSG.”

However, there is a possibility that Mbappe will be affected by the Mega Tone deal offered by Real. According to Marca, Real Madrid offered an annual salary of 26 million dollars and a down payment of 130 million euros, the highest in its team. The deal is similar to what Real offered Mbappe last summer. 안전한 파워볼사이트

Mbappe’s PSG contract runs until June. Mbappe is free to negotiate with other teams in the upcoming winter transfer window, according to the Bosman rule. Real Madrid is making efforts to recruit Mbappe as a free agent by taking advantage of this. Real Madrid general manager Jose Angel Sanchez is reportedly persuading Mbappe’s mother and agent Fiza Ramari.

Real’s interest in Mbappe started a long time ago. He sent love calls whenever the transfer window opened two years ago. Real, however, is moving more agile than ever because negotiations have repeatedly broken down and there has been a precedent of being stabbed in the back. Mbappe and Real were close to completing the transfer two years ago, but Mbappe suddenly changed his mind at the end of the negotiations and announced that they would stay at PSG. At the time, Real and Spanish fans criticized Mbappe as a “traitor.”

Mbappe, who joined PSG in 2017, has been performing the best in every season. He is leading the league with 18 goals (two assists) this season as well. He also scored three goals in the UCL group league, leading his team to the round of 16. He led his team to a landslide 9-0 victory by scoring a hat trick in an away match against Höbel (part 6) in the third round of the 2023-2024 Coupe de France. Mbappe, who shook the net in the 16th minute of the first half, and the 45th minute and the 3rd minute of the second half, surprised his fans by receiving 10 points, which is a rare score. The Sopascore, a soccer statistics medium, gave Mbappe a score of 10, and Footmob, another statistics medium, also scored 9.8 points. Mbappe has been spearheading PSG’s offense by attempting 11 shootings in addition to his hat trick. He has played 284 games for PSG so far, with 237 goals and 101 assists. He is emerging as one of the next generation of soccer emperors after Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.

He was recently selected as the “World Team 2023” by IFFHS, which is known as the International Federation of Football History Statistics, and boasted his prowess as the world’s best striker. In the 3-4-3 formation, Mbappe was named as the striker on the left side. He also included world class players such as Kevin De Bruyne, Hoobeng Diaz, Rodri and Ederson, Erling Holland, Lionel Messi, and Jude Bellingham.

Mbappe signed a basic two-year plus one-year contract with PSG in 2022. Mbappe can decide the option for a one-year extension himself, but last summer, Mbappe sent a letter to PSG saying he would not invoke the option, sparking a conflict. Mbappe was full of complaints against PSG at the time. When PSG only reached the quarterfinals of the UEFA Champions League, he became angry at the barrage of criticism from players. According to the BBC, Mbappe said, “PSG is a divided team. Why blame players for failing to qualify for the round of 16 at the UEFA Champions League last season? Players are not in charge of running a club. Recruitment of players and strengthening of players’ capacity are the responsibility of the club.”

PSG President Nasser Al-Khelaifi was also furious. In an interview with French Football, he shot Mbappe, who was only thinking about leaving PSG as a free agent, saying, “If that’s what Mbappe is thinking, why not leave PSG now?” In an official press conference to announce the appointment of Luis Enrique in July last year, he said, “I was shocked at the news that Mbappe may leave PSG as a free agent next season. His decision could weaken France’s best team. It is disappointing.” “If Mbappe wants to stay, he has to sign a new contract with PSG. Mbappe has to decide within the next two weeks,” he said. “We cannot hand over the world’s best player to another team for free. This is impossible.”

In order to catch Mbappe, PSG proposed a contract renewal worth 1.4 trillion won in July last year. Forbes estimated at the time that PSG proposed Mbappe to renew his contract worth 1 billion euros over 10 years. If Mbappe accepts the offer, it will be the largest contract in sports history. If Mbappe accepts PSG’s offer of 1 billion euros over 10 years, he will receive a whopping 100 million euros (142.9 billion won) in annual salary. Lionel Messi, who moved to Inter Miami, received 60 million euros in annual salary when he was playing at PSG, which is 57.2 billion won more than that. If Mbappe, who is now 25, plays for PSG for 10 more years, he will play until he turns 34, which is a de facto contract for life.

In addition, Mbappe received an astronomical offer from Saudi Arabia’s Al Hilal last summer. At the time, France’s L’Equipe reported that Al Hilal offered 700 million euros a year including portrait rights to recruit Mbappe, drawing attention. The amount amounts to about 1 trillion won.

According to media outlets, the Al Hilal delegation personally visited PSG to recruit Mbappe. They wanted to show Mbappe their project in person. When Al Hilal offered 300 million euros (423.5 billion won) in transfer fees for Mbappe, PSG also allowed him to directly negotiate with Mbappe. However, the Al Hilal delegation returned without earning any income. This was due to Mbappe’s blatant refusal to negotiate. L’Equipe said, “The captain of the French national team (Mbappe) emphasized that he never considered this option.”

Mbappe, who had been in dispute over contract renewal, was also humiliatingly excluded from the primary team training in the early days of this season. He trained in the secondary team without being able to participate in the Asian tour as well. PSG put pressure on him not to play this season if he does not renew his contract. Mbappe also resisted by banking on his commitment to spend the entire season in the bench. Mbappe missed the opening match of the league with Lorient.

However, the relationship was dramatically reconciled after Mbappe had a positive discussion with Al-Khelaifi president about renewing his contract. “Mbappe returned to the first team training after a very constructive and positive discussion with the club,” PSG said on its official channel on August 14 last year. Mbappe shared his training with his teammates with a smile. In the video released, PSG players including Lee Kang-in celebrated his return by standing in two long lines and slapping Mbappe on the back as he slipped out of the frame. European soccer expert Fabrizio Romano also said on his social network service on the day, “Mbappe is back. Al-Khelaifi president also said, “Mbappe will now concentrate on training,” adding, “Mbappe will be able to play from the next game.”

According to The Athletic in the U.K., Mbappe met with Al-Khelaifi an hour before the opening game and talked with Lorient, and after the game, he met with Luis Enrique and Luis Campos to have positive conversations. Mbappe said PSG faced a dramatic reconciliation after leaving behind the transfer secret that caused the transfer conflict throughout last summer.

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